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Beaded Wooden Vase Large

SKU: 60458
Wooden, beautiful, and far less breakable than your average glass vase, the Beaded Wooden Vase Large is an appealing addition to everyday displays. This farmhouse-chic solid wooden vase sports a milk-bottle styling with a ring of distressed wooden beads around the neck. It looks great all year long holding Spring or Everyday florals, Autumn foliage, and Winter greenery. Measures 3” in diameter with a 5” height.
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  • Wood
  • 3" Dia. x 7.5" H
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Beaded Wooden Vase Small

A unique turn on a standard container, the Beaded Wooden Vase Small is a lovely addition to farmhouse displays. This solid wood vase has a 5" stature with a 3" diameter. It is embellished with a lovely ring of wooden beads around the neck with hints of a distressed white finish. This vase looks lovely with a bouquet or floral pick or even sporting a single floral stem. Its style and coloration will pair beautifully with a range of decor meaning it can be used year-round!

Carolina Dill Ring

Add a pop of color to candles with a Carolina Dill Ring! The ring has soft green dill leaves on a twig base with an inside diameter of approximately 2". It measures 10" in diameter overall.

Pebble Eucalyptus Candle Ring, 3”

The voluminous foliage of our Pebble Eucalyptus Candle Ring features rounded leaves with a pale finish that makes it a timeless classic in your farmhouse-inspired home. It has an inside diameter of 3” that fits perfectly around your favorite pillar candle on its own or nestled in a shallow basket or pan for a complete look. It can be placed around the home or outdoors on a covered porch.

Pebble Eucalyptus Candle Ring, 6"

Classically farmhouse, this full, eucalyptus candle ring has a timeless charm that makes it versatile in the home. Hang it on a door or wall, and even set it out on a table as a centerpiece. It’s 6” inside diameter makes it perfect for a small basket, or several of your favorite small candles. Place this pale green floral indoors or outdoors on a covered porch.

Light Green Baby's Grass Ring, 10"

The Light Green Peppergrass Ring features light tones of green and yellow artificial leaves that would compliment any farmhouse decor. This ring gives you all the joy of house plants without the maintenance. It looks great on a wall, or even as a centerpiece when encompassing several small candles or other artificial flowers. It measures 10” outside diameter and 3.5” inside diameter.

Champagne Tulip Stem, 15.5"

Bring brightness and beauty to the farmhouse this Spring with the Champagne Tulip Stem, 15.5". This 15.5" high floral has a closed fabric tulip bloom in champagne with pink edges and green at the base. The bloom has internal foam for structure and the green stem is plastic with a wire core. It has one long fabric leaf in bright green. Pair this stem with Spring decor or add to a bouquet with our other tulip stems.

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Bring a sunny, Springtime classic to the farmhouse this season with the Sunrise Tulip Stem, 15.5". The stem is plastic with a wire core and supports a bright yellow tulip bloom with orange accents. A long green fabric leave graces the stem while the bloom has black plastic stamens inside for a realistic look. The bloom has a foam base inside for structure and the floral measures 15.5" overall. Add this tulip to Spring displays or other florals for a pop of Springtime color.

Champagne Tulip Stem, 17.5"

Add a Springtime favorite to farmhouse decor with the Champagne Tulip Stem, 17.5". This tulip has fabric, champagne colored petals with yellow and bright pink accents. Inside, the bloom has a foam base for structure and black plastic stamens. The stem is green plastic with a wire core and has two moveable fabric leaves.
  • Wood
  • 3" Dia. x 7.5" H