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Local Egg Hunt Beaded Sign

The Local Egg Hunt Beaded Sign is a cute but elegant way to decorate this Spring season. This wooden sign has a white background framed in black with a ring of white, wooden beads. The sign reads “Every Bunny Welcome” in black script at the top. The phrase “Local Egg Hunt This Way” appears in black text with “This Way” accented by an arrow. Three silhouette bunnies play among the words and are accented with Easter egg style decorations. This sign looks great with traditional black and white color schemes or added to more colorful Spring and Easter decor. Sign features two sawtooth and measures 15.25" high by 20" wide by 1" deep.

Eden's Gate Hanging Vine

The Eden’s Gate Hanging Vine will easily add beauty and natural tones to displays. This 33" long vining floral has rounded, green plastic leaves and a mix of green and white buds. Lovely, white flowers with golden yellow stamens are scattered throughout. This hanging vine is perfect for running along tables or mantels, or hanging over the edges of shelves, containers and more!

Bursting Astilbe Bush, Sky Blue, 14”

The full foliage of our Bursting Astilbe Bush features densely-packed, light blue flowers that decorate the length of each green stem. In all, this bush measures 14” high and makes a classically country accent in the farmhouse-style home. Place it in a basket, behind a decorative plate, or in a vase or pitcher inside or in an outdoor area protected from the elements.

Bursting Astilbe Bush, Sky Blue, 10"

The soft blue of the densely-packed astilbe on this bush makes a cheery accent in your farmhouse. The flowers pepper the length of each vibrant stem and in total measure 10” high. Use this simply elegant floral to accent a favorite basket on the table or displayed on the wall for a classically-country atmosphere. It can be displayed indoors or in a protected outdoor area.

Happy Easter Bunny Pedestal

Catch every-bunny’s eye with the adorable Happy Easter Bunny Pedestal. This Easter accessory has a solid, natural wood block as a base and reads, “Happy Easter” in white script and text. A cutout of a sitting bunny is suspended above on a wooden dowel. The rabbit is white with distressed edges. This bunny looks great on mantels or tabletops and fits great with a variety of colors and styles. Measures 17.5" high by 6.1" wide by 2.5" deep.

Bursting Astilbe Candle Ring, Sky Blue, 3”

The bright, sky blue of our Bursting Astilbe Candle Ring is packed with tiny, colorful flowers on bright stems. It has a wrapped base with an inside diameter of 3” that makes it a stylish addition to the base of your favorite pillar or jar candle, on its own, or even nestled in a shallow basket. Place it indoors or outdoors in a location protected from the elements.

Hippity Hoppity Bunny Pedestal

Hop into Spring in style with the Hippity Hoppity Bunny Pedestal. This adorable accessory features a silhouette cutout of a leaping rabbit in white with distressed edges. It is suspended on a dowel above the base which is a natural wood block that reads “hippity hoppity” in white text and script. This bunny looks great with springtime florals and makes an excellent addition to centerpieces. Measures 13.5" high by 11" wide by 2.5" deep.

Bursting Astilbe Half Sphere, Sky Blue, 8”

The small blossoms of our Bursting Astilbe Half Sphere create a vibrant display of densely-packed foliage that brings the countryside into any farmhouse-inspired home. Its sky blue flowers brighten up the room and pair well with your favorite decorative pan, bowl, or basket. It can be displayed indoors or outdoors on a covered porch where it will be protected from the elements.

Jumping Bunny Metal Pedestal

Leap into lovely Easter and Spring displays with the Jumping Bunny Metal Pedestal. This jumping wooden rabbit has a hand-carved styling with distressed white finish for a rustic-chic feel. It sits atop a black solid metal pedestal and rod for sturdy display in a variety of displays. It measures 14" high by 13.5" wide with a 3.5" depth. Display this bunny leaping over sitting signs or candles and Springtime florals for a unique and lovely look.

Pompom Flower Spray, 22", Antique Blue

Style your farmhouse for spring with the stylish and contemporary Pompom Flower Spray, 22", Antique Blue. This eye-catching spray has a green plastic stem with a fabric pompom floral in antique blue. The spray measures 22” long and has three fabric leaves accented throughout. Pair with every day or seasonal florals to create beautiful floral arrangements that will impress all year long. The flower measures 4” in diameter.
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Turquoise Wave Beaded Garland, 36"

Wave goodbye to boring displays with the Turquoise Wave Beaded Garland, 36”. This appealing, 36" long bead garland features round wooden beads in white with larger distressed turquoise beads. Alternating with the turquoise beads are elongated, natural tone beads with a wave design to their shape. Each end of the garland sports a jute tassel. This garland looks great with Spring-time blues or everyday white and wood decor. Wrap around signs, candles, or containers for an instant boost of beauty and style.

Beaded Wooden Vase Large

Wooden, beautiful, and far less breakable than your average glass vase, the Beaded Wooden Vase Large is an appealing addition to everyday displays. This farmhouse-chic solid wooden vase sports a milk-bottle styling with a ring of distressed wooden beads around the neck. It looks great all year long holding Spring or Everyday florals, Autumn foliage, and Winter greenery. Measures 3” in diameter with a 5” height.

Beaded Wooden Vase Small

A unique turn on a standard container, the Beaded Wooden Vase Small is a lovely addition to farmhouse displays. This solid wood vase has a 5" stature with a 3" diameter. It is embellished with a lovely ring of wooden beads around the neck with hints of a distressed white finish. This vase looks lovely with a bouquet or floral pick or even sporting a single floral stem. Its style and coloration will pair beautifully with a range of decor meaning it can be used year-round!

White Cement Timer Pillar

Brighten up your home with this elegant White Cement Timer Pillar. The battery operated pillar candle comes with a timer that automatically alternates between lit for six hours and off for eighteen hours. A cement texture and fresh white color highlight the warm natural light of the silicone dipped bulb. Candle measures 3" high by 3" in diameter and requires three AAA batteries (not included).

White Cement Timer Pillar

Make your home the image of relaxation with this white cement pillar candle. The White Cement Timer Pillar adds a calming mood to any room with with its cement texture and warm lighting silicone dipped bulb. Measuring 4" high by 3" in diameter, making it the perfect on its own or with accessories. Comes with a timer that allows the candle to stay lit for six hours and turn off for eighteen hours. Three AAA batteries required for operation (not provided).

White Cement Timer Pillar

Bring peace to your home with the sophistication of the White Cement Timer Pillar candle. The warm lighting candle comes in a relaxing white shade and has a cement texture finish. Measuring 3" in diameter by 6" high the pillar looks great as a stand alone piece or a complementary accent. The candle is battery operated and requires three AAA batteries (not included).

Black & White Buffalo Check Chunky Bunny

Black & White Buffalo Check Chunky Bunny is perfect for spring in the farmhouse with its simple design and country chic buffalo check pattern. This wood bunny silhouette boasts a black and white buffalo check pattern and a freestanding display that is perfect for tabletops. It measures 5.5" high by 2.5" wide by .75" deep and looks great paired with other bunny sitters and florals for a beautiful springtime display.

Gray & White Buffalo Check Chunky Bunny

The simple design of the Gray & White Buffalo Check Chunky Bunny is perfect for the classic farmhouse. This wooden bunny sitter has a freestanding display and boasts a light gray and white buffalo check pattern. It measures 4.5” high by 4" wide by .75” deep and looks great on tables with a variety of seasonal accessories for a beautiful display all season long.

Welcome Every Bunny Metal Hanging Sign

Welcome in everyone this Spring season with the Welcome Every Bunny Metal Hanging Sign. This adorable sign features wooden cutouts of three bunnies sitting in a row with a metal ribbon-style banner reading “Welcome Every Bunny.” The bunnies each have black and white buffalo check bows around their necks and little metal tails. The sign has a jute hanger for easy hanging and is the perfect addition to front doors or entryways. Measures 12.5" high by 17.25" wide by 1" deep.

Every Bunny Welcome Easter Wood Sign

The Every Bunny Welcome Easter Wood Sign is a country wall sign perfect for the Easter season. It features weathered white paint and a farmhouse gray border and complements any space. It has two d-rings attached at the back for wall display and reads, “happy easter - every bunny welcome,” in cutout metal lettering. Measures 8.5" high by 15.75" wide by 1" deep.

White Bunny Metal Pillar Candle Holder, 4.75" Tall

Bring a little charm to Easter displays with the shabby-chic White Bunny Metal Pillar Candle Holder, 4.75" Tall. This candle holder is solid metal with a 3.5 diameter base and a 4.75" height. It features a realistic crouched rabbit and metal tray holder that measures just over 3" in diameter. This holder looks lovely with a variety of candles or could be used to hold other small blocks and decor.

Gray & White Large Buffalo Check Timer Pillar 4"

Bring warmth and a classic farmhouse pattern to displays with the Gray & White Large Buffalo Check Timer Pillar 4”. This pillar features a warm light and buffalo check pattern in white and gray. It requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) and has a 6 Hour On/18 Hour Off built in timer. This pillar measures 4" high with a 3" diameter and looks great in a variety of displays! Pair with the 5" high version for a perfect match!

White Bunny Metal Pillar Candle Holder, 8.25" Tall

Farmhouse Easter displays will be sitting pretty with the White Bunny Metal Pillar Candle Holder, 8.25" Tall. This lovely piece features a sitting rabbit sculpture on a round base with a round candle holder tray. The holder is solid metal with a distressed white finish. The base has a 3.5" diameter and the piece measures 8.25" high. The holder tray has a diameter that is slightly larger than 3" and is perfect for candles with a 3" diameter or smaller. Pair this candle holder with Springtime florals and Easter signs for a charming display.

Gray & White Small Buffalo Check Timer Pillar 4"

The Gray & White Small Buffalo Check Timer Pillar 4" will add warm light and pattern to a variety of displays. This 4" high pillar features small gray and white buffalo check and has 3" diameter. It casts a warm light and has a built in timer that lights for 6 hours and then turns off for 18 hours. The pillar requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) and looks great paired with the matching 5" pillar.