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Blooming Sunflower Stem, White

Add a farmhouse favorite in neutral tones to Spring and everyday displays. This lovely sunflower has fabric petals and leaves on a plastic coated wire stem. It measures 16" long and looks great in vases and containers or lying along side farmhouse block signs and more!

Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome w/Dangle Legs

The Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome with Dangle Legs is sure to delight young and old. This plush gnome sports a bright yellow cap and shoes in a fleecy material with a white flower accent on the cap. His long white beard is made of faux fur and his cute, round nose pokes out from under his hat. The legs dangle freely and can be crossed for an adorable look. The hat also includes a wire support inside and can be positioned as desired. This cute, plush gnome will brighten up any setting and looks perfect with his legs dangling over the edge of shelves, mantles or tables. Measures 7.5" high by 4" wide by 4" deep.

Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 16"

The Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 16" is sure to catch the eye and spark smiles. This cute plush gnome has a round nose and white, faux fur beard spilling out of his yellow, fleecy hat. The hat includes an internal wire for easy positioning and is accented with a white flower and puffball topper. This adorable gnome will add color and charm to table, shelf and floor displays or would make a fun doorstop for lighter weight doors. Measures 16" high by x 6" wide by 4" deep.

Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 13"

Add the cheery Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 13" to your décor and the smiles are sure to abound. This adorable plush gnome sitter has a white faux fur beard with a bulbous nose peeking out from under his yellow cap. The cap is made of a fleecy material and has a white flower accent and yarn puffball on top. It also includes an inner wire so the cap can be positioned as desired. Brighten up everyday displays or add an extra sunny note to spring and summer décor with this charming little gnome. Measures 13" high by x 4.5" wide by 3.5" deep.

Blooming Sunflower Stem, Champagne

Love the look of sunflowers but have a display that needs a more subtle tone? The Blooming Sunflower Stem, Champagne combines a soft, neutral color with a classic farmhouse floral. This sunflower features a brown and green flecked center surrounded by champagne colored, fabric petals. The green leaves are fabric as well, and the stem is plastic with several nodes for repositioning the leaves. This sunflower fits great among living room and bedroom decor, or anywhere you'd like a softer expression.