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Here Comes the Sun Distressed Wooden Block Sign

Get ready for the sunshine with the Here Comes the Sun Distressed Wooden Block Sign. Nothing says sunshine like the color yellow which is edged around sides of the sign detailed with an asymmetrical floral design to go along with it. "Here Comes the Sun" is lettered in grey on top of the white distressed detailing. Measures at 6" by 6" with 1" depth.

Bliss Buds Bush, Cream, 14”

The soft, natural style of this 14” high bush features delicate white, flowering buds. This artificial floral has a lifelike appearance that enhances the fresh, farmhouse style of your home. It is brightened by fabric leaves that catch the daylight and rest upon natural-looking branches.

Fresh Garden Flowers Yellow Gingham Bucket

Bring fresh, soft Spring tones to farmhouse displays with the Fresh Garden Flowers Yellow Gingham Bucket. This darling metal bucket features a soft yellow and white gingham pattern with scalloped edges at the top. The edges are embellished with twisted white metal edging and the bucket sports a white metal handle for easy carrying or hanging. The front of the bucket has a white embossed seal that reads ‘Fresh Garden Flowers’ in script and text. The inside of the bucket is has a galvanized metal appearance for a nice contrast to the outer finish. This bucket looks great filled with daisies, tulips or a range of other garden and wildflowers. It measures 8.5" on the diameter and 8.25" high.

Yellow & White Bead Garland w/Flower Tag

Drape a little sunshine and flourish over farmhouse displays with the Yellow & White Bead Garland with Flower Tag. Measuring 49" long, this garland of alternating small white and larger yellow wooden beads has the length to accent a variety of displays and decor. It has a lovely wooden flower cut-out on one end measuring 3" high by 2.75" wide. The other end is finished with a white suede tassel. This garland makes a beautiful accent to Springtime displays or tuck the flower away and use throughout the year. It will look great with many popular farmhouse themes such as lemons, honey bees, or sunflowers!

Robins, Sunshine, Raindrops & Flowers Distressed Wooden Block Sign

Naming all things Spring, the Robins, Sunshine, Raindrops & Flowers Distressed Wooden Block Sign is a simple but beautiful addition to Springtime decor. This block sign is edged with a robin's egg blue and detailed with asymmetrical floral designs to go with it. "Robins, Sunshine, Raindrops & Flowers" is lettered in blue on top of distressed white wood. This sign will look darling with a bird’s nest accent, Springtime florals, or sitting with an umbrella or rain boots. Measures at 6" height and 4.5" in length with a 1" depth.

Blue Skies Are On The Way Blocks, 3 Asstd.

Spring calls for blue skies, flowers, sunshine and a bit of showers. The Blue Skies Are On The Way Blocks have all of those springtime favorite sayings with floral aesthetic. The lettering reads "Blue Skies Are On The Way", "Hello Sunshine" and "April Showers Bring May Flowers" in white and navy blue. These block stand or hang at 4" in height and 6" in length. These are great additions to sit on a table or mantel, but can hang on a doors or walls as well using the keyhole hangers on the back.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 6 you will receive 2 of each style.

Vine Robin's Nest w/Blue Eggs

The appearance of soft blue eggs flecked with brown is a classic sign of Spring. Bring this springtime icon into the farmhouse with the Vine Robin's Nest w/Blue Eggs. This adorable nest is made of dried angel vine with faux eggs in powder blue with dark brown flecks. This nest looks great as part of floral displays or tucked into shelves or table centerpieces.

Vine & Moss Buttercup Bird Nest

Bring something a little wild and beautiful into farmhouse decor this spring with the Vine & Moss Buttercup Bird Nest. This lovely nest is made of dried vine and moss with accents of plastic greenery with papery yellow flowers. Add this nest to tiered trays, shelves, floral displays, and more! It is sure to bring a natural, wild element to any setting.

Bloom Where You're Planted Shadowbox Sign

The flowers have bloomed and so can you with the Bloom Where You're Planted Shadowbox Sign. This pretty shadowbox sign is a great reminder of what Spring is all about. It features yellow and white floral patterns and gray lettering reading ‘Bloom where you’re Planted.’ This sign adds a refreshing and sunshiney look to any corner where it is added. This sign sits at 7.125" tall and wide.

Yellow Tabletop Wildflowers w/Burlap Base

Farmhouse displays will come alive this Spring with the Yellow Tabletop Wildflowers with Burlap Base. Featuring a burlap wrapped base with a jute tie, this floral is a mix of plastic greenery and yellow, fabric forsythia style blooms. The flowers and greenery have wrapped wire stems for easy styling. Add this floral to trays and shelves for a mix of rustic and natural beauty. Measures 4" in diameter at the base and has a height of 12".

Blue Scalloped Metal Wheelbarrow

The Blue Scalloped Metal Wheelbarrow will carry a whole load of charm into Springtime displays! This pretty metal wheelbarrow has a blue finish with scalloped edges and a moveable black wheel. It measures 5.5" high by 12" long with a 3" width. This wheelbarrow will look darling carrying a candle and greenery or filled with eggs for a cute Easter display.

Icker Flower & Leaves Spray, White

Add soft, natural accents to Springtime or year-round decor with the Icker Flower & Leaves Spray, White. This pretty floral has dark green foam leaves on light green wrapped stems and blooms made of clusters of tiny white foam beads. It measures 20" high and looks great next to box signs or candles, or pair with our Red and Blue versions for patriotic displays.

Vine & Greenery Bird Nest w/Blue Eggs

Bring a lovely, nature-inspired element to displays with the Vine & Greenery Bird Nest w/Blue Eggs. This dried vine nest features accents of deep green moss and plastic, vining greenery. Three soft blue eggs with subtle speckles peek out from the center of the nest. This nest looks great tucked into baskets, trays and more!

Vine & Moss Bird Nest w/Cream Eggs, 5.5"

The Vine & Moss Bird Nest w/Cream Eggs, 5.5" will add a cute, natural element to centerpieces, shelves, floral displays and more! This 5.5" diameter, 2.5" high nest is made from dried vines and moss and cradles three faux eggs in cream with dark brown speckles. Refresh displays by tucking this nest in amongst existing decor for an instant addition of springtime beauty.

Giant Sunflower Stem

Make a bright, bold display with the Giant Sunflower Stem. This traditionally styled sunflower has bright yellow fabric petals that fade to orange in the center. The dark brown, fuzzy center is accented with green and with flecks of golden yellow. The rubbery stem has a central wire for easy positioning with two large fabric leaves. This sizable bloom measures 9.5" in diameter and has a 32" height.

Chunky Sun Shine

Chunky Sun Shine is the perfect accessory to brighten up any room in your home. The freestanding wooden sitter is in the shape of a sun with a golden yellow finish. It reads, “Shine” in black wooden script and has a flat bottom that is great for display on any surface. Measures 3.5” high by 7.75” wide by 1.5” deep and looks great on a covered porch, bookshelf, or tabletop.

Resin Blue Birds, 4 Asstd.

These charming birds are made from a bright blue resin. They come in four assorted designs and measure 5” high x 3¼” wide. Great for the mantel, bookshelf, or windowsill, use these figurines to brighten your home.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 4 you will receive 1 of each style.

Distressed Wooden Layered Flower Sitters, 3/Set

Brighten up any corner of your home with the Distressed Wooden Layered Flower Sitters. These vibrant and playful sitters can add texture and life to any table or centerpiece. These sitters come in 3 different sizes varying in colors of yellow and white with hints of green leaves. These sitters measure with 1" depth, small: 5" long and 3.5" height, medium: 5" long and 4" height and large: 6.5" length and 5" height.