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And To All A Goodnight Mini Pillow

And To All A Goodnight Mini Pillow is a little accessory with a lot of charm with its blue buffalo check pattern and farmhouse ready style. This adorable mini pillow boasts a blue buffalo check pattern on one side and a cream finish on the other. On the cream-colored side, it reads, “And to all a goodnight” in blue lettering. The pillow looks great styled with pillows, blankets, and throws for a festive display in living rooms, bedrooms, or offices. Measures 5” squared by 1.5” deep.
$2.97 $4.59

Believe Snowflake Mini Stick, 3 Asstd.

Add a wintry touch to any farmhouse display this holiday season with the Believe Snowflake Mini Stick assortment. These cute, freestanding mini sticks are solid wood with distressed edges and feature snowflakes and fun holiday sayings in a mix of text and script letters. One wishes ‘Merry Christmas’ with a gray background and white text. Another reads ‘Believe’ in white script letters on a navy-blue background. The third reads 'Peace & Joy' in navy-blue script letters on a white background. They measure 1" high by 6" wide and have a .5" depth. These sticks make a lovely finishing touch for larger displays or are great for tucking into existing decor for a bit of holiday magic.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 18, you will receive 6 of each style when available.

Blue Check Snowfall Pillow

Make it a farmhouse Christmas with the simple charm of the Blue Check Snowfall Pillow. This festive pillow features a blue buffalo check pattern with a white embroidered snowflake in the center. The pillow looks great on couches, chairs, and beds for a seasonal accent that is perfect for any room. It measures 10” squared by 2.5” deep and boasts a soft fabric material.

Blue Christmas Truck Chunky Sitter

The classic red pick-up truck is now available in blue for your holiday decorations. The Blue Christmas Truck Chunky Sitter coordinates well with blue, green, white, gold, and silver holiday decor. The sitter is solid wood and sized well for use on the mantel, a bookshelf or on a windowsill. The sitter measures 5.5" high by 18" wide by 1" deep.

Blue Joy Mini Pillow

Bring a little joy into your farmhouse this holiday season with the Blue Joy Mini Pillow. This cute and cozy mini pillow features a festive navy color and reads, “joy” in white script on the front. The rectangular pillow looks great as an accent to bedroom and living room décor, place on couches, beds, and chairs for quick and easy holiday decorating. Measures 3” high by 7” long by 1.5” deep.
$2.97 $4.59

Blue Winter Pillow Ornaments, 3/Set

Blue Winter Pillow Ornaments are perfect for winter in the farmhouse with their festive designs and rustic charm. The fabric pillow ornaments boast three unique designs and feature a durable jute string hanger. The set features a navy-blue ornament that reads, “Joy” in white lettering, a blue and white buffalo check ornament with the graphic of a white snowflake, and a cream-colored ornament that that reads, “And to all a goodnight” in navy blue lettering. Place the ornaments on Christmas trees, doorknobs, or hanging from a hook for wall display for a festive accent all season long. Each ornament measures 2” high by 4” long by 1” deep.
$4.17 $6.89

Cool White Snowflake LED Timer Lights, 10 Count

Winter farmhouse displays will be frosted and bright this holiday season with the Cool White Snowflake LED Timer Lights, 10 Count. This charming mini light strand has 10 clear plastic snowflakes over LED bud lights in a cool blue-white tone on a silver wire cord. The lighted length of the strand is 6.3 feet with the overall strand length at 7.3 feet and they are intended for indoor use only. The lights require 2 AA batteries (not included) and have a timer function with 6 hours of illumination followed by 18 hours off. These pretty lights look great on a mini tree, or wrapped in a Winter wreath or garland.

Frosted Balsam Fir Topiary, 10"

Finish off festive displays with the Frosted Balsam Fir Topiary, 10". This pretty topiary style fir tree has a rounded top that measures roughly 5" in diameter. The trunk is thin with mini branch accents and a base of natural wood with bark that measures 2.25" in diameter. The tree stands 10" overall and is finished with an icy frosting of glitter. This tree is a darling accent to box signs and sitters and looks lovely paired with the matching 12" version (item 18415).

Iced Weeping Pine Candle Ring, 4"

Bring a frosty accent to the farmhouse this winter with the Iced Weeping Pine Candle Ring, 4". This wintry candle ring features dark green faux pine branches and an array of natural pinecones. A dusting of flocked snow and glitter coats the ring for an extra bit of shine. It looks gorgeous embellishing various candle shapes and sizes or as a mini wreath for doors, windows, and doorknobs. This candle ring has a 4” inside diameter and an approximate 9” outside diameter.

Iced Weeping Pine Candle Ring, 4.5"

Add beautiful, snowy tones to farmhouse holiday decor with the Iced Weeping Pine Candle Ring, 4.5". This glittering candle ring has a 4.5" inside diameter and an approximate 9" outside diameter. It features dark green pine branches with mini pinecones nestled among them. A light coat of flocked snow and glitter makes this ring a beautiful, sparkling accent. Pair with a variety of candles, vases, or smaller containers to make holiday decor pop.

Iced Weeping Pine Garland, 4ft

The Iced Weeping Pine Garland will add a natural, wintry touch to farmhouse holiday décor. It has plastic greenery with real pinecones and a light coating of white for a snowy look. Stems are wrapped and the garland measures 4 foot long. This garland hangs in a lovely, weeping willow-like manner. Display this garland hanging from festive containers or drape above doors or on shelves.

Iced Weeping Pine Garland, 5ft

The Iced Weeping Pine Garland, 5ft is a lovely addition to the farmhouse for Christmas and Winter decorating. It has plastic weeping pine branches accented with real pinecones on wrapped wire stems. The garland has a loop at one end and measures 5 feet long. This garland will add charm wrapped around staircase banisters or stretched across the mantle.

Iced Weeping Pine Pick, 14.5"

Easily dress up Winter farmhouse displays with the Iced Weeping Pine Pick, 14.5". This 14.5" tall pick has plastic weeping pine greenery and real pinecone accents. The wrapped wire stems allow for easy positioning and this pick looks great laying along side other decor to take advantage of the weeping-look. Pair with a box or block sign and wintry sitter for a cute display.

Iced Weeping Pine Spray, 20"

Add a soft, natural element to holiday décor this season with the Iced Weeping Pine Spray, 20". The plastic pine greenery of this spray has a light dusting of white for a frosty look. It has wrapped stems and pinecones and will fit with a variety of holiday décor. This spray can be displayed more upright or hangs in a lovely weeping willow-like manner. Add to containers with winter florals or poke into a Christmas tree to add a variety of pine styles for a unique look. Spray is 20" high.

Merry & Bright Layered Snowflake Ornaments, 3/Set

Add a bit of winter charm to Christmas tree displays with the cute Merry & Bright Layered Snowflake Ornament set. These layered snowflake ornaments have a distressed wood background with a white layer on top. Each ornament has a 4" diameter with a .25" depth and features a cute Christmas phrase in gray text. One reads, ‘Let It Snow.’ Another states, ‘Merry & Bright.’ The third reads, ‘Snowflake Kisses.’ They are all topped with a wire hanger for easy hanging. These ornaments will add pattern and depth to the farmhouse Christmas tree, wreath, or mantle.

Mini Wooden Snowflake Christmas Tree Sitters, 3/Set

Spruce up the farmhouse for Winter or Christmas with the Mini Wooden Snowflake Christmas Tree Sitters set. These wooden triangular trees are solid wood with distressed edges and come in three sizes. The small tree is white with a gray snowflake and measures 3" high by 2" wide. The medium tree is 3.5" high by 2.25" wide and has a solid gray finish. The large tree has a blue background with pretty white snowflakes and measures 4" high by 2.25" wide. All three have a .75" depth for sturdy freestanding display. These trees look lovely with icy florals and snowman signs or sitters.

Rustic Wood Country Trees, 3/Set

Suitable for multiple home decor styles, the Rustic Wood Country Trees convey the beauty of winter days with their cool color scheme. The set of three wooden trees have distressed colors ranging from slate blue, white and chocolate brown. Ranging in sizes, the set of rustic trees may be displayed individually or as a set. The large tree measures 8" high by 4" wide by 1.5" deep. The medium tree measures 6" high by 3" wide by 1.5" deep. The small tree measures 4" high by 2.5" wide by 1.5" deep.

Rusty Cast Iron Standing Reindeer Figurine, Small

Create a modern-inspired holiday display this season with the Rusty Cast Iron Standing Reindeer Figurine, Small. This contemporary figurine is a brown cast iron reindeer with speckled black spots that measures 6" high by 4.75" long by 1.5" wide and can be used as an easy holiday accent anywhere throughout the house. The figurine can be paired with winter florals or other tabletop accessories for a sleek display on tables, mantels, or counters.

Slat Look "Merry Christmas" Snowflakes Ornament

Made from wood with a blue-painted, slatted surface, the Slat Look "Merry Christmas" Snowflakes Ornament gives a cheerful look to a farmhouse Christmas. White painted snowflakes in various designs frame the ornament’s white script greeting of “Merry Christmas”. A jute hanger is attached to the ornament to easily hanging on a tree, in a holiday wreath, or by itself in a window or peg shelf. Well-suited for any Christmas decor or themed Blue Christmas, the ornament also works well for dressing up holiday gifts for friends and family. Measures 5” diameter and is .25” deep.

Snowflake Ornament Beaded Garland

Bring beaded beauty to holiday farmhouse displays with the Snowflake Ornament Beaded Garland. This pretty garland measures 60" long and has white wooden beads strung on a jute cord with a jute loop at each end. The garland features two different ornament style wooden cutouts. One is a rounded ornament with dark blue background and distressed white snowflake design. This ornament measures 1.75" in diameter. The other is a tapered bulb design with dark blue and white designs and measures 2.75" high by 1.5" wide. This garland will make tree decorating a breeze by doubling as garland and ornaments! It will also look lovely strung along tables, mantels, window sills and more!

Sugar Berry Pine Pick, 11"

The Sugar Berry Pine Pick is the perfect size to add to small cans, buckets, or holiday centerpieces. It features an elegant blend of pine greenery, mistletoe, icy red berries, and is complete by a single pinecone. It has a silver glitter finish and a brown-wrapped wire stem that can easily be mixed with other florals or nestled in a Christmas tree for a bit of holiday sparkle. Measures 11” high.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas Snowflake Box Sign

Bring an extra touch of Christmas cheer to the farmhouse with the We Wish You A Merry Christmas Snowflake Box Sign. Measuring 8" high by 6" wide with a 1.5" depth, this winter-ful wooden box sign features an open back for easy hanging or freestanding display. The sign has a white background with lightly distressed edges. It features gray snowflakes and reads ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ in a mix of navy blue script and text. This box sign looks lovely paired with snowman sitters, perched on a coffee table, or accented with winter florals.

White Chicken Wire Oval Baskets, 2/Set

Unique design comes together with a farmhouse favorite in the White Chicken Wire Oval Baskets, 2/Set. This versatile set includes two extended oval baskets with a lightly distressed white paint finish. The baskets have a metal frame wrapped in chicken wire and ball feet on the bottom. There is a swing handle at each end with a dark wooden handle grip. The larger basket measures 4.5" high by 28.25" long by 8.25" wide while the small basket is 3.5" high by 18" long by 5.25" wide. These baskets make a beautiful coffee table or centerpiece display when filled with greenery and florals and season accents. Christmas bulbs and snowflakes in the Winter can be changed out for Easter or robin's eggs in the Spring.

White Glitter Timer Pillar, 3"x4"

Shine-up Winter farmhouse displays with the White Glitter Timer Pillar, 3"x4". This sparkly pillar candle has a coarse glitter finish on real white wax for a beautiful look. The top is unevenly cut to mimic a traditional candle and it has a 6-Hour on/18-Hour off timer feature. The candle measures 3" in diameter and 4" in height and requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). This frosty-finished candle looks great as part of an elaborate display or brings beauty just tucked beside a box sign with a little Winter greenery.

White Glitter Timer Pillar, 3"x5"

The White Glitter Timer Pillar, 3"x5" is a lovely mix of icy finish and warm candlelight that will make Winter displays shine. This pillar features an uneven cut top and real wax base for a realistic feel. The candle measures 5" high with a 3" diameter and the coarse clear glitter finish brings to mind ice or snow. Requiring 3 AAA batteries (not included), this candle has a 6-Hour on/18-Hour off timer feature for convenient display. Pair this pillar with the other sizes in the collection and place in the center of table or mantle displays with a festive candle ring or garland runner.

White Glitter Timer Pillar, 3"x6"

Bring a little sparkle to the farmhouse this Winter with the White Glitter Timer Pillar, 3"x6". This pretty, battery-operated pillar is made of real white wax with a chunky glitter finish. It has an uneven top to further resemble a traditional candle but includes a convenient 6-Hour on/18-Hour off timer feature for less time spent lighting and extinguishing candles. The pillar measures 3" in diameter and 6" tall and requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). Add an icy Winter candle ring or wrap this candle in a bead garland for an easy Winter accent.

Wooden Snowflake Bulb Christmas Ornaments, 2/Set

The Wooden Snowflake Bulb Christmas Ornaments set puts a spin on traditional Christmas bulbs. These charming ornaments are wooden cutouts in the shape of Christmas bulbs with jute hangers and a blue and white color scheme. The round bulb is dark blue with a white snowflake and measures 3.25 high by 2.5" wide. The other ornament measures 4" high by 2" wide and has a pointed bottom with blue and white lines and dots. These ornaments look great on traditional trees or will really pop on white!