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Distressed Chunky Wooden Snowflake Sitters, 3/Set

Let beauty and delight fall into the farmhouse this Winter with the Distressed Chunky Wooden Snowflake Sitters set. These lovely wooden sitters come in three styles with a white finish and distressed edges. All have a .75" depth for easy freestanding display. The small is 4" in diameter, the medium 5" in diameter, and the large 5.75" in diameter. These snowflakes add beauty and interest to signs, candles, and other Winter and holiday staples. They look great with a wide variety of styles and Winter florals.

Distressed Wooden Snowflake Ornament

Instantly lend your tree rustic charm with our Distressed Wooden Snowflake Ornament. Made of lightweight and durable wood this ornament comes in a weathered gray-wash finish with a white beaded hanger attached at the top. Try hanging it from a knob for a darling wintertime accent. Measures 6.75" high by 4" wide.

Dreaming of a White Christmas Snowflakes Frame

Create a dreamy Christmas display in the farmhouse this season with the Dreaming of a White Christmas Snowflakes Frame. This lovely large sign measures 15" square and 1.25" deep and has a natural wood frame with sawtooth hanger in the back. It has a beautiful red background with lighter red snowflake pattern and the phrase 'I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" in larger letters followed by 'Just like the ones I used to know' in smaller letters. The text appears in white capital letters and has a soft wave effect to the placement. Finishing off the sign are four white wooden snowflake cutouts with a glittery finish. This prominent sign makes a great focal point hanging above or sitting on the mantle with snowy greenery and snowflake sitters.

Frosty Dreams Spruce Tree, 12"

Bright and shimmery, the Frosty Dreams Spruce Tree, 12" brings just the right amount of sparkle to the farmhouse this Winter. This 12" tall tree has a natural wood base with bark that measures 2" in diameter. The pine branches are white plastic and the whole piece has a generous dusting of iridescent glitter. This tree makes a beautiful accent to a variety of decor. Place next to a Christmas box sign, or a couple wintry block signs, or pair with other trees and a reindeer sitter for a tableau that looks great during the holidays and throughout the Winter.

Frosty Dreams Spruce Tree, 15"

Add white, frosty appeal to Winter-time farmhouse displays with the Frosty Dreams Spruce Tree, 15". This eye-catching tree has an abundance of white plastic spruce branches attached to a thin dark trunk. It is secured into a cylindrical base of nature wood and bark. The entire piece has a healthy dusting of iridescent white glitter for that beautiful frosted appearance. This 15" tall tree has a 2.25" diameter base. Place a few of these trees alongside a farm truck filled with candles or greenery for an enticing Winter display.

Frosty Dreams Spruce Tree, 20"

The farmhouse will be full of frosty sparkle this Winter with the Frosty Dreams Spruce Tree, 20". This 20" tall tree features white spruce-style plastic branches with a generous coating of iridescent white glitter. It is secured to a 2.25" diameter natural wood cylinder base with intact bark for a natural feel. This tree makes a beautiful accent to a variety of displays and takes the charm to a whole other level when wrapped in white or colored bud lights!

Glitter Snowflake Block, 3 Asstd.

The adorable Glitter Snowflake Blocks are the perfect accessory to add a little sparkle to your home this holiday season. These freestanding wood blocks feature three assorted styles that read, "Believe In the Magic of Christmas", "Most Wonderful Time of the Year", and "Dreaming of a White Christmas," in distressed black lettering. A glittered snowflake adds a charming winter accent. Blocks have to two keyhole hangers for wall display, but also look great on tabletops as a freestanding accessory. Measure 3" high by 6" wide by .75" deep.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 12, you will receive 4 of each style when available.

Glittered "Snow" Cutout Sign

Celebrate the snowy season with the Glittered "Snow" Cutout Sign. This sizable sign measures 7" high by 19" wide by .5" deep and reads 'SNOW' in large white capital letters. The 'O' in 'snow' is replaced by a pretty snowflake cutout. The sign is wood with a white glittered finish and it has two triangle ring hangers on the back. This sign will look lovely hanging over the mantle or on a door.

Glittering Millwood Pine Hanging Garland, 4ft

Swathe the farmhouse in natural Winter wonder with the Glittering Millwood Pine Hanging Garland, 4ft. This simple but striking garland is full of plastic pine branches and natural pinecones in a variety of sizes. It has a glittery finish for a light frosty feel. The garland measures 4-foot long and looks beautiful trailing a long a mantle or table top, or fill a container and let it spill over the side for an enchanting display.

Heavy Snowy Weeping Pine Tree on Base, 12"

Build a mini Winter wonderland inside this season with the Heavy Snowy Weeping Pine Tree on Base, 12". This enticing 12" tall tree has a 2.5" square wooden base and dark green plastic pine branches. It has an exposed trunk and a heavy dusting of flocked snow from top to base. This tree looks lovely with other trees and a reindeer sitter to give the feel of deep Winter snowfall in the forest.

Iced Weeping Pine Garland, 5ft

The Iced Weeping Pine Garland, 5ft is a lovely addition to the farmhouse for Christmas and Winter decorating. It has plastic weeping pine branches accented with real pinecones on wrapped wire stems. The garland has a loop at one end and measures 5 feet long. This garland will add charm wrapped around staircase banisters or stretched across the mantle.

Icy Gems Candle Ring, 2.5"

Make the farmhouse a little more merry and bright with the sparkle of the Icy Gems Candle Ring, 2.5". This enchanting candle ring brings an icy feel to displays with its clear plastic crystals coated in silver glitter. The stems are wrapped wire for easy shaping and it measures 2.5" on the inside diameter and 4.5" to 6" on the outside diameter. This ring will add a little wintry bling to smaller pillar candles, tapers, and flameless tealights.

Icy Gems Candle Ring, 3.5"

Crystal drops and silvery glitter make the Icy Gems Candle Ring, 3.5" a treat for the eyes. This candle ring has wrapped silver wire stems tipped with clear plastic crystals. A few larger crystals emerge from among the tiny ones and all are coated in silver glitter. It measures roughly 7-10" in outer diameter and 3.5" on the inner diameter. This ring looks great with standard pillar candles or accenting candle holders or the base of vases or cans.

Icy Gems Garland, 4 Ft

Bring some silvery sparkle to Winter displays with the Icy Gems Garland, 4 ft. This garland is comprised of many clear acrylic gemstones with a healthy dusting of silver glitter. The stems are wrapped wire for easy positioning and the 4 foot long garland has a loop at one end for hanging. This garland adds a unique element wrapped around the Christmas tree or a pop of sparkle in any display!

Icy Gems Pick, 12"

Add a shimmer to Winter displays with the Silver Crystal Pick, 12". Wire stems wrapped in metallic silver support clear plastic crystals. The crystals are faceted and then dusted in silver glitter for extra sparkle. This pick immediately adds an extra glimmer of light to other florals or displays. Measures 12" high with poseable stems.

Icy Gems Tree, 18"

Add height and sparkle to Winter and Christmas displays with the Icy Gems Tree, 18". This tree stands 18" tall on a glittered metal base. The trunk and branches are made of wrapped wire which hold small clear plastic gemstones. The wire branches allow for easy shaping and the whole piece is dusted in a generous helping of silver glitter. This tree is sure to add shimmer to variety of displays. Accent a box sign or large sitter or add it in among a grouping of wintry candles.

Icy Gems Tree, 24"

Bring the feel of a frosted forest into the farmhouse with the Icy Gems Tree, 24". This lovely Winter-inspired tree has clear plastic crystals on silver wrapped-wire branches. The tree stands 24" tall and has a round metal base with a 3.5" diameter. The tree is finished with silver glitter for a beautiful shimmering look. Add a few smaller trees and a reindeer sitter to create a pretty nature-inspired Winter display.

If Snowflakes Were Kisses Snowflake Sitter

Let the love shine through the snowy season with the If Snowflakes Were Kisses Snowflake Sitter. This wintry wooden snowflake sitter has a warm side with the phrase 'If Snowflakes were Kisses I'd Send You a Blizzard' appearing in black text. It measures 10" in diameter with a 1" depth and has a white finish with lightly distressed edges. Three smaller wooden snowflake cutouts accent the text on this freestanding sitter. Pair with our Icy Gems florals for a positively frosty display.

LED Warm White Bud Lights, 100 ct

The 100 count LED Warm White Bud Lights is a set of warm white lights on a silver cord with four inches of space between each bulb. The light strand comes with an AC Adapter and is only to be used indoors. Measures 39' in length.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $31.09 each.

Let It Snow Wooden Hat & Mitten Sitters, 2/Set

Bring playful, warm elements to Winter decor this season with the Let It Snow Wooden Hat & Mitten Sitters, 2/Set. This paired set of sitters is solid wood with layered design and lightly distressed edges. The hat sitter measures 8.5" high by 7" wide and .75" thick and sports a pretty knit star or poinsettia type design in red and white. The band at the bottom has a lovely raised snowflake and letters in natural wood tone with a glitter finish. It is topped with a generous puffball made of thick, soft white yarn. The mitten sitter is 5.5" high by 4" wide and .75" thick and has a white knit print. Displayed together, these sitters read 'Let it snow' in script text. This charming set makes a great focal point for a table center piece with greenery and snowflakes or looks lovely as a stand-alone piece on an end table.

Snow Much Fun Wooden Block

There's "snow" such thing as too much fun with the Snow Much Fun Wooden Block. This playful wooden block has a black background with distressed edges and reads 'Snow much fun' in white text and script. The 'O' in 'snow' is replaced with a pretty white snowflake cutout that is dusted in glitter. The block can be displayed freestanding or has two keyhole hangers in the back. It measures 4" high by 6" wide with a .75" depth. Pair this block with a snowflake sitter and some snowy trees for an easy appealing display.

Snowy Pine Tree Pair on Log

Bring Winter charm to the classic country farmhouse with our Snowy Pine Tree Pair on Log. This pair measures 12" high by 6" wide and has a depth of 2.5." These trees feature plastic green branches and have a dusting of flocked snow from top to base for a wintry finish. It has a sturdy, half-log, natural-looking base that would look great perched on a side table, paired with a reindeer sitter, or as part of a larger winter display.

Tis the Season Snowflake Mini Block, 3 Asstd.

Bring a bit of the intricate beauty of snowflakes to Winter displays with the Tis the Season Snowflake Mini Block assortment. These 1.5" high by 5" wide by .75" deep blocks have feature wintry phrases in script accented with a pretty white wooden snowflake accent. One states 'tis the Season' in gray on a white background while another reads 'Winter wonderland' in white on gray. The third reads 'Snowflake Kisses' in white on black and all three have additional snowflake designs. The blocks are freestanding and have lightly distressed edges. Add these blocks to the top of box signs or in front of candle groupings for a little added snowy delight.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 18, you will receive 6 of each style when available.

Very Merry Snowflake Mug Sitter

Make Winter displays a little more cozy in the farmhouse with the Very Merry Snowflake Mug Sitter. This cute mug-shaped wooden sitter has a black finish with distressed edges and evokes the idea of hot cocoa, coffee, or tea on a cold Winter day. It reads 'Very Merry' in white script accenting a layered wooden snowflake with a frosty glitter finish. This sitter will look beautiful with other black and white Winter decor or accented with Winter greenery. Measures 4.75" high by 4" wide by .75" deep.

White Christmas Wood Ornament, 3/Set

Our White Christmas Wood Ornament set is the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. Constructed of lightweight and durable wood each ornament has a weathered texture, snowflake accent, and flexible wire hanger attached. There are three phrases available: "Let it snow," "Baby it's cold outside," and "Dreaming of a white Christmas." Each is written in modern gray lettering and set against a warm eggshell background. Measures 1.75" high by 3.5" wide.

White Glitter Timer Pillar, 3"x6"

Bring a little sparkle to the farmhouse this Winter with the White Glitter Timer Pillar, 3"x6". This pretty, battery-operated pillar is made of real white wax with a chunky glitter finish. It has an uneven top to further resemble a traditional candle but includes a convenient 6-Hour on/18-Hour off timer feature for less time spent lighting and extinguishing candles. The pillar measures 3" in diameter and 6" tall and requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). Add an icy Winter candle ring or wrap this candle in a bead garland for an easy Winter accent.

White Glittered Snowflake Garland

Let it snow in the farmhouse with the White Glittered Snowflake Garland. This charming garland features eight white wooden snowflake cutouts with a glitter finish on a jute cord. There are four designs that come in a 4" diameter, a 4.5" diameter, and a 5" diameter. The garland is 5 feet long and has a loop at each end for easy hanging. This garland adds beauty to nearly any setting like hanging across the mantle, wrapped in a Christmas tree, or accenting a window sill.

White Vintage Snowflake Buckets, 4/Set

The White Vintage Snowflake Buckets are nesting buckets that each feature a unique cutout snowflake design. They are grey metal with distressed white paint and are held by a rusty handle.These rustic buckets range in size from 8.75” high by 7” in diameter to 5.75” high by 4.75” in diameter, making them the perfect containers for winter candles and florals.

White Wooden Snowflake Riser, 10"

Elevate a variety of Winter displays with the White Wooden Snowflake Riser, 10". Made of solid wood and standing on three ball legs, this snowflake shaped riser has a white finish and mildly distressed edges. It measures 10" in diameter and 1.75" high. Top with a full candle ring of Winter greenery and a glittery pillar candle for an easy but beautiful accent.

White Wooden Snowflake Riser, 12.5"

Rise to the occasion with the charming White Wooden Snowflake Riser, 12.5". This solid wooden riser has a white finish with lightly distressed edges and is shaped like a snowflake. It has three ball feet on the bottom and is 1.5" tall with a 12.5" diameter. This riser looks great with candles, blocks, and more. Display a grouping of small Winter trees for a pretty and simple display.

Wooden Snowflake on "Cozy" Base

Elevate farmhouse Winter decor with the Wooden Snowflake on "Cozy" Base sitter. This cute wood accent has a black wooden block base that reads ‘Cozy’ in blocky white letters. A small dowel holds a lovely white snowflake cutout above. The piece measures 5" high by 3" wide with a 1" depth. This sign will look great with tree sitters or a frosty mini tree. Display fully visible or tuck this sitter behind other shorter decor to let the snowflake rise above.

Woodland Village Silhouette Sitter, Small

Add a simple, classic accent to winter displays with the Woodland Village Silhouette Sitter, Small. This charming black wooden sitter features silhouette cutouts of houses, trees, and a snowman. It measures 5.5" high by 10" long and .5" deep. This winter sitter looks great as part of a larger centerpiece, perched on a coffee table, or paired with other black and white Christmas sitters.