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Always Give Thanks Pumpkin Blocks, 3/Set

Remember to give thanks this harvest season and beyond with the Always Give Thanks Pumpkin Blocks, 3/Set. This set of wooden sitters features two blocks with a whitewash finish that read ‘Always’ and ‘Give Thanks’ in dark brown text. The third block is a lovely white pumpkin cutout that sits atop the other blocks or wherever you like! This set looks great on tables or shelves and the word blocks can be used in displays year round. Pumpkin measures 2” high by 2” wide. The Always block measures 1.5” high by 5” wide. The Give Thanks block measures 1.5” high by 7” wide and all blocks have a .75” depth.

Autumn Blessings Pumpkin Stackers, 3/Set

The three-piece set of Autumn Blessings Pumpkin Stackers reminds that blessings abound. Two of the wood stackers have a distressed white finish and the words 'autumn' and 'blessings' while the third piece is an orange pumpkin with a green stem. The stackers are ideal for displaying on shelves, book cases, counter or desk. Measures 5" high by 7" wide by .75" deep when stacked.

Autumn Blessings Pumpkin Truck Distressed Frame

The Autumn Blessings Pumpkin Truck Distressed Frame brings to mind family and friends, time spent together, and trips to the pumpkin patch. A classic blue pick-up truck filled with bright orange pumpkins is featured on the sign against a distressed white background. Above the truck is the phrase 'autumn blessings' in brown type and script. The distressed frame lends versatility to this sign for use in farmhouse, country and log cabin decorating styles. Measures 9.75" square by 1" deep and has a sawtooth hanger.

Burgundy Millet Stem, 30"

The Burgundy Millet Stem is perfect for layering with other fall florals. The sleek light green floral stem includes two burgundy millet flower clusters mixed with slender green leaves. It measures 30” high.
$2.79 $4.19

Chunky Blue Pumpkin Truck Sitter

Add a truckload of festive Fall charm to the farmhouse with the Chunky Blue Pumpkin Truck Sitter. This wooden sitter features the shape of a pickup truck in slate blue carrying a bed full of orange and green pumpkins. Raw wood edges and light distressing give this adorable truck a vintage feel that will pair perfectly with any Fall, farmhouse décor. Add autumn foliage and pumpkins for a charming centerpiece. Measures 3" high by 7" wide by 1" deep.

Chunky Pumpkin Sitters, 3/Set

This set of three Chunky Pumpkin Sitters makes a great addition to the farmhouse in Autumn. The pumpkins come in classic fall time colors with two in different shades of orange with green stems, and one in shades of brown and olive. These adorable pumpkins pair easily with other seasonal décor and can be displayed on trays, shelves or tabletops. Small measures 2.75" high by 2.5" wide by .75" deep. Medium measures 3.25" high by 3.25" wide by .75" deep. Large measures 3.75" high by 2.5" wide by .75" deep.

Cream Burlap Pumpkin Pick, 30.5"

Add a little class and charm to Fall displays with the Cream Burlap Pumpkin Pick, 30.5”. This 30.5" high pick sports eight mini pumpkins wrapped in cream-colored burlap and topped with dark brown plastic stems. The stems of the pick are brown, wrapped wire to allow easy positioning. This pick looks lovely laying with pretty Fall garlands or peaking around box signs and candles.

Cream Millet Stem, 30"

Add a simple fall touch to floral arrangements with the Cream Millet Stem. It has a long, slender look with a light green stem, two cream-colored millet flower clusters, and several long green leaves. Makes a great addition to a small bottle or vase for an understated look, or it can easily be mixed with other seasonal florals to create a handcrafted display. Measures 30” long.
$2.79 $4.19

Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Bundle, Natural

Add soft textures and tones to farmhouse displays with the Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Bundle, Natural. This bundle measures 21" high and has 50 stems of real dried grass. The grasses are topped with fluffy, rabbit tail-like structures in shades of light brown. This floral looks beautiful with everyday decor and will add a pretty dried-wheat look to Fall time displays.

Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Bundle, White

The Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Bundle, White will bring natural texture and beauty to farmhouse displays every day. Composed of real dried grasses, this bundle has 50 stems with fluffy tail-like tops. The cream-white coloring will compliment a wide array of farmhouse decor and this floral looks great displayed alongside box signs or sitters. Measures 21" high.

Fall Sweater Dish Towel

Let your fall wardrobe inspire your kitchen decor with the super festive and super adorable Fall Sweater Dish Towel. This cozy towel is perfect for all your kitchen needs with its soft cotton fabric that is machine washable and great for cleaning up everyday messes and spills. It measures 28" high by 28 wide and features the graphic of a yellow fall sweater surrounded by an assortment of autumn colored leaves. The towel reads, "Sweater whether" in white lettering.

Fall Sweater Wooden Ornaments, 3/Set

Settle in for cozy, Fall days with the Fall Sweater Wooden Ornament Set. These adorable, sweater-shaped ornaments come in warm autumn tones and sport phrases like “sweater weather,” “hello pumpkin,” and “happy fall” in script font. They are accented with hand-drawn style embellishments and topped with a wire hanger. These ornaments are a fun addition to wreaths, fall garlands, or any setting that could use a little more warmth as the temperature starts to drop. Ornaments measure 3.25" high by 3.75" wide by .25" deep.

Fleece Stuffed Pumpkin, 4.75"

Craft an adorable fall centerpiece with several of the 4.75” Fleece Stuffed Pumpkins. Made from irresistibly soft ivory fabric, it has been stuffed and features textured ribs throughout for a true pumpkin shape. The tabletop accent is completed by a wooden stick stem and jute string bow. Measures 4” high by 4.75” in diameter.

Fleece Stuffed Pumpkin, 6.5"

Tuck the 6.5” Fleece Stuffed Pumpkin inside a basket for an inviting fall look. The freestanding pumpkin is made from ultra-soft fleece fabric that has been constructed to form textured pumpkin ribs. It has been generously stuffed for a rounded appearance and is accented with a wooden stick stem and jute bow. It is approximately 5.5” high by 6.5” in diameter.

Fleece Stuffed Pumpkin, 8"

The 8” Fleece Stuffed Pumpkin features an irresistibly soft fabric that instantly adds a cozy fall touch to any room. The stuffed pumpkin has a round, plush appearance with smooth fabric ribs that create a pumpkin texture throughout. It is accented with a wooden stick stem tied with a jute string bow. Measures 6.5” high by 8” in diameter.

Happy Fall Y'all Dish Towel

Fall is here celebrate with the Happy Fall Y'all Dish Towel! This festive dish towel boasts a durable cotton material and reads, "Happy Fall Y'all" with an assortment of pumpkin accents that are perfect for autumn. The towel measures 28" high by 28" wide and is a great addition to any farmhouse kitchen. It is great for cleaning up spills, drying dishes, or wiping off countertops.

Sweater Weather Stackers, 3/Set

When the leaves start to turn and the afternoons become chilly, it's time for the Sweater Weather Stackers and Fall decorating. This three-piece set of wood stackers has a gold sweater with brown and white detail and a cheery 'happy fall' greeting in script atop two blocks stating 'sweater weather' in seasonal brown text and script. The stackers work well on end tables, side boards, shelves and windowsills. When stacked, measures 6" high by 7" wide by .75" deep.

Velvet Harvest Pumpkins, 9/Bag

Bring deep colors and a lovely sheen to Fall farmhouse decor with the Velvet Harvest Pumpkins, 9/Bag. This set of nine pumpkins features soft, velvety bases with dark brown plastic stems. They come in shades of warm gold, burnt orange and chocolate brown. Pumpkins vary in size with approximate 3-3.5" diameters. These pumpkins a great for bringing rich tones and sheen to displays and look great with Fall florals, and rustic signs or containers.

Welcome Autumn Green Truck Blocks, 3/Set

Bring rustic, Fall-time charm to farmhouse displays with the Welcome Autumn Green Truck Blocks, 3/Set. This wooden block sitter set features a green pick-up truck on a natural wood finish with pretty orange pumpkins in the bed. The wooden blocks read ‘welcome’ and ‘Autumn’ in dark brown text on a rough whitewashed background. These blocks look great in displays with a few pumpkins and straw or Fall florals. Truck measures 2" high by 4" wide. Welcome block measures 1.5" high by 5" wide. Autumn block measures 1.5" high by 7" wide and all blocks have a .75" depth.

Welcome Harvest Truck Stackers, 3/Set

Harvest time is commemorated with the three-piece Welcome Harvest Truck Stackers. A bountiful harvest at the pumpkin patch is depicted by a vintage, blue pick-up truck loaded with pumpkins. Two wood blocks have a distressed white finish with 'welcome' and 'harvest' in brown script and text. Pair the stackers with fall florals to create a warm, autumn display. Measures 5" high by 7" wide by .75" deep when stacked.

White & Gray Chunky Pumpkin Sitters, 3/Set

The White & Gray Chunky Pumpkin Sitters are a charming Fall accent that will brighten any tabletop or shelf display. Natural wood edges and a distressed finish give these pumpkins a vintage farmhouse style. The set features one tall and two rounded pumpkins in white and varying shades of gray with brown stems. The pumpkins in the set come in three sizes. Small, measuring 2.5" high by 2.5" wide by .75" deep. Medium, measuring 3.25" high by 3.25" wide by .75" deep. Large, measuring 3.75" high by 2.75" wide by .75" deep.

Wispy Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Bundle, Natural

Softness and natural texture will uplift farmhouse displays with the Wispy Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Bundle, Natural. This bundle of 25 dried grass stems measures 21" high. The pale green and tan stems sport flossy light brown tops reminiscent of rabbits’ tails. These florals look great in every day displays but add special touches to Fall displays or Springtime bunny decor.

Wispy Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Bundle, White

Soft and wispy, the Wispy Dried Rabbit Tail Grass Bundle, White will add fluffy natural texture to the farmhouse. This bundle of 25 stems is made of real dried grasses topped in downy tail-like structures. The cream-white coloring is beautiful with other florals or accenting sitting signs, candles and more! Measures 21" high.