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Greenery & Everyday

Add color to your home with a wide variety of realistic faux florals and greenery.

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Boxwood Ring w/ Ribbon, 6"

This Boxwood Ring measures 6" in diameter and is made from all-natural boxwood that has been preserved. A cream-colored, sheen bow is wrapped on the top of the ring and also serves as a hanger. This Boxwood Ring is lightly scented and would look lovely on a wall with pictures, or with vintage and farmhouse decor. Perfect as a small wreath or a candle ring accent.

Boxwood Topiary, 20"

Standing at 20" high and 6" wide, this boxwood topiary is made out of real preserved boxwood that sits on a wooden trunk. The pot at the base is concrete-style with some boxwood leaves whimsically gathered inside. This topiary adds both a fresh scent and a sense of formality and class to any space, and is perfect for the modern farmhouse!

Boxwood Wreath, 11"

Inspired by the best in modern farmhouse decor, this wreath is made out of authentic, preserved boxwood that has been assembled on a foam and twig wreath base. The fresh boxwood scent and neat, modern air of this wreath will bring freshness to the front door, mantel, or kitchen. Measures 11" in diameter.

Potted Boxwood Ball - 4"

Lush green leaves have been preserved and carefully formed into a sphere to create our Potted Boxwood Ball. The 4" ball sits securely atop a clay pot. It measures 6" high overall.

19" Hanging Baby's Grass Bush

Add a fresh pop of color to your decor with a Hanging Baby's Grass Bush! Made of soft green leaves, it is 19" long and makes a lovely addition to floral arrangements.

Baby's Grass Bush

Featuring small round leaves and variegated shades of green, the Baby's Grass Bush tapers to a sturdy stem that makes it easy to add to floral arrangements. 14" high.

Baby's Grass Pick

The Green Baby's Grass pick has a wire stem and an arrangement of round green leaves in the shape of a small shrub. It makes a great accent to other floral pieces, or to any other shabby chic decor around the home. It measures 9" high.

Hanging Dill Leaves

Hanging Dill Leaves features light green dill florals on hanging stems. It is 18" long overall, and adds a bright touch to floral arrangements.

Red Baby Grass Bush

The Red Baby Grass Bush has variegated round leaves in shades of green, orange, and red on a thick stem. It measures 14" high.

Carolina Dill Ring

Add a pop of color to candles with a Carolina Dill Ring! The ring has soft green dill leaves on a twig base with an inside diameter of approximately 2". It measures 10" in diameter overall.

Light Green Baby's Grass Ring, 10"

The Light Green Peppergrass Ring features light tones of green and yellow artificial leaves that would compliment any farmhouse decor. This ring gives you all the joy of house plants without the maintenance. It looks great on a wall, or even as a centerpiece when encompassing several small candles or other artificial flowers. It measures 10” outside diameter and 3.5” inside diameter.

Bursting Astilbe Candle Ring, Sky Blue, 3”

The bright, sky blue of our Bursting Astilbe Candle Ring is packed with tiny, colorful flowers on bright stems. It has a wrapped base with an inside diameter of 3” that makes it a stylish addition to the base of your favorite pillar or jar candle, on its own, or even nestled in a shallow basket. Place it indoors or outdoors in a location protected from the elements.

Bursting Astilbe Bush, Sky Blue, 10"

The soft blue of the densely-packed astilbe on this bush makes a cheery accent in your farmhouse. The flowers pepper the length of each vibrant stem and in total measure 10” high. Use this simply elegant floral to accent a favorite basket on the table or displayed on the wall for a classically-country atmosphere. It can be displayed indoors or in a protected outdoor area.

Bursting Astilbe Bush, Sky Blue, 14”

The full foliage of our Bursting Astilbe Bush features densely-packed, light blue flowers that decorate the length of each green stem. In all, this bush measures 14” high and makes a classically country accent in the farmhouse-style home. Place it in a basket, behind a decorative plate, or in a vase or pitcher inside or in an outdoor area protected from the elements.

Pebble Eucalyptus Bush, 14”

Round, pale-green eucalyptus leaves fill out this voluminous floral accent. Use it to liven up your farmhouse decor with a breath of fresh air. It stands 14” high and looks great in a pitcher or tucked behind your favorite basket, decorative plate, or precious framed tabletop decor. It can be displayed indoors or outdoors on a covered porch.

Pebble Eucalyptus Candle Ring, 3”

The voluminous foliage of our Pebble Eucalyptus Candle Ring features rounded leaves with a pale finish that makes it a timeless classic in your farmhouse-inspired home. It has an inside diameter of 3” that fits perfectly around your favorite pillar candle on its own or nestled in a shallow basket or pan for a complete look. It can be placed around the home or outdoors on a covered porch.

Pebble Eucalyptus Candle Ring, 6"

Classically farmhouse, this full, eucalyptus candle ring has a timeless charm that makes it versatile in the home. Hang it on a door or wall, and even set it out on a table as a centerpiece. It’s 6” inside diameter makes it perfect for a small basket, or several of your favorite small candles. Place this pale green floral indoors or outdoors on a covered porch.

Bursting Astilbe Half Sphere, Sky Blue, 8”

The small blossoms of our Bursting Astilbe Half Sphere create a vibrant display of densely-packed foliage that brings the countryside into any farmhouse-inspired home. Its sky blue flowers brighten up the room and pair well with your favorite decorative pan, bowl, or basket. It can be displayed indoors or outdoors on a covered porch where it will be protected from the elements.

Red Peppergrass Pick

With variegated shades of red, the Red Peppergrass Pick has small round leaves and a thin stem that allows for easy placement as an accent to other floral pieces. This floral pick measures 9" high.

Coral Buds Succulent Pick, 8.5"

Add our Coral Buds Succulent Pick to a small vase for a simple, fresh pop of color! This miniature pick is made from faux succulent leaves with coral colored buds. The leaves measure 3" high, and the pick is 8.25" high overall.

Blushing Eucalyptus Wreath

Blushing Eucalyptus Wreath is made for spring time in the farmhouse! It has a sturdy twig base with blush colored fabric petals on thin green stems. The wreath looks great hanging over doors, in entry ways from a nail or on covered porches for a beautiful accent as guests enter your home. This seasonal accessory pairs well with all of our Blushing Eucalyptus florals, for a fresh spring time look throughout your entire home.

Luxberry Half Sphere

The Luxberry Half Sphere is sure to add character to your floral arrangement with its adorable design and versatile display options. This beautiful faux-floral accessory measures 11" and has an assortment of realistic looking green leaves that are accented by plastic white buds. Pair the sphere with other Luxberry florals for a coordinating floral arrangement that is sure to add a little flare to any room.

Luxberry Candle Ring, 3"/10"

Create beautiful floral arrangements with the Luxberry Candle Ring, 3"/10". This elegant candle ring boast a plastic base with stylish white buds that are complemented by realistic plastic leaves. The ring is the perfect pairing for pillar candles and looks great with other florals for a unique display on tabletops or mantels. It boasts a 3" inside diameter and a 10" outside diameter.

Luxberry Candle Ring, 6"/12"

Elevate the look of your candle display with an adorable accent from the Luxberry Candle Ring, 6"/12". This charming faux-floral accessory boast a natural look with its realistic leaves and bud accents. It has a plastic stem base with a 6" inside diameter and 12" outside diameter. The ring pairs well with a variety of candles and looks great with other florals to create a one of a kind display.

Luxberry Bush

Create beautiful floral arrangements with the adorable and realistic look of the Luxberry Bush. This charming faux-floral measures 11" high and boasts a green plastic stem adorned with plastic leaves and white plastic bud accents. The floral looks great in vases, glass jars, or baskets for a fun and easy decorative accent. Pair with similarly styled florals to create a beautiful bouquet.

Lemon Beauty Hanging Bush

Lemon Beauty Hanging Bush is a fresh and versatile floral perfect for sprucing up any space. Bush boasts airy plastic leaves on a flexible, plastic-covered wire base and looks darling draping shelves, stuffed in baskets, or used to pull together a table setting. Measures 33" long.

Light Green Peppergrass Bush, 19"

Add a splash of greenery to displays with the versatile Light Green Peppergrass Bush, 19". This hanging bush features small, rounded leaves in shades of light green. It measures 19" long and will add a natural element to a wide variety of displays. Looks great hanging or laying along shelves, tables, and more.

Fiddle Fig Spray

Bring an eye-catching burst of natural beauty to any setting with the Fiddle Fig Spray. This large, impressive spray features deep green, rounded leaves on wrapped wire stems. It looks great in larger containers or will add a little dramatic beauty lying behind sitters, box signs and other accessories on table, shelf or mantel displays. Measures 26" long.

Preserved Boxwood Ring with Ribbon, 10" Dia.

Bring the beauty of the outdoors into the farmhouse with the Preserved Boxwood Ring with Ribbon. This 10" diameter wreath is made of real, preserved boxwood leaves in lovely shades of dark and bright green. The wreath has a sheer, cream colored ribbon hanger with a double bow at the top. This wreath will look beautiful anywhere a pop of green is needed.

Cotton Ball Pick, 6" 2/Set

Add this set of two cotton ball picks to a mason jar by the bathroom sink, or use them as a bookshelf accent. There's nothing like a beautiful cotton floral to make you feel more at home. Standing at 6", these Cotton Ball Picks can cheer up tiny spaces and are a perfect addition to any floral arrangement.

Cotton and Twig Candle Ring

This primitive-style candle ring features natural puffs of cotton on brown and gold pods. This ring measures 12" outside diameter and 5½" inside diameter, and looks lovely with a pillar candle or votive poised in the middle as a fabulously country centerpiece.

Clover Pick, 14"

Bring touches of Spring and good luck to the farmhouse with the Clover Pick, 14". Featuring soft fabric leaves on plastic stems, this pick sports lovely three-leaved clovers and small white plastic flowers. The base stem is plastic-coated wire for easy positioning. This sweet pick is an easy way to add a touch of Spring renewal to displays and is versatile enough to be used all year long. Measures 14" high.

Brown Pampas Spray, 31"

Add a soft touch to fall floral arrangements with the Brown Pampas Spray. It features feathery brown pampas florals accented by long paper leaves in variegated shades of orange and olive green. It has a green-wrapped wired stem and measures 31” high.

Natural Pampas Spray, 31"

The Natural Pampas Spray has an earthy appearance that coordinates well with fall décor but can easily transition to everyday display. It has a green-wrapped wired stem with long, slender paper leaves in warm variegated shades of orange and green. It includes feather-like pampas floral stems in the center in a warm shade of cream. Measures 31” high.

Weeping Pampas Grass Branch, Brown

Add a sheer, beautiful look to farmhouse decor with the Weeping Pampas Grass Branch, Brown. This 46" floral has soft brown faux pampas grass stems. The filaments are extra soft to give more of a flowing or weeping look to this floral. Pairs nicely with bird nests in Spring, pumpkins in the Fall, and a variety of other accessories year-round!

Weeping Pampas Grass Branch, Cream

Bring soft, feathery notes to farmhouse decor with the Weeping Pampas Grass Branch, Cream. Featuring multiple sprigs of lovely faux pampas grass in cream, this floral is designed to have a weeping or flowing style to its filaments. This pretty spray can easily be transitioned through seasonal and everyday decor. Measures 46" high.

Weeping Pampas Grass Branch, White

Add a little feathered flair to everyday farmhouse decor with the Weeping Pampas Grass Branch, White. This 46" high branch is comprised of large sprigs of faux pampas grass in pure white. The filaments are soft and flowing for a lovely weeping look when the branch is draped. This spray looks beautiful laying along mantels or shelves or displayed upright for a more fanned, fun look.

Pampas Grass Pick, 28", Gray

Add soft, subtle tones to farmhouse displays with the Pampas Grass Pick, 28", Gray. This pretty 28" pick features several sprigs of faux pampas grass with gray filaments. The neutral coloring makes it a great accent for a wide array of styles and color schemes. It looks particularly lovely with black and white farmhouse decor.

Pampas Grass Pick, 28", Natural

It will be sheer delight when you see how many things the Pampas Grass Pick, 28", Natural can accent! This lovely feathery sheer pick is faux pampas grass and sports a natural creamy color. Making a lovely accent for Fall, Spring and everyday displays, this pick is perfect anywhere you need a little extra warmth and beauty. Measures 28" high.

Pampas Grass Pick, 28", White

Add bright, neutral tones to displays in any season with the Pampas Grass Pick, 28", White. This charming pick measures 28" high and sports soft, bright white faux pampas grass. The white Pampas Grass Pick looks great in a variety of displays but is the perfect addition to displays on darker tables, shelves or mantels where it can really pop!

Pampas Grass Spray, 45", Taupe

Add softness and appeal to displays with the Pampas Grass Spray, 45", Taupe. This 45" high floral features a generous spray of soft, brown faux pampas grass. It will add natural, feathered beauty to any seasonal or everyday display.

Pampas Grass Spray, 45", Cream

Bring feathered beauty into the farmhouse with the Pampas Grass Spray, 45", Cream. This spray features warm, cream-colored faux pampas grass and measures 45" high. It looks beautiful on its own or paired with our other Pampas Grass sprays for a range of color and depth.

Pampas Grass Spray, 45", White

Quickly elevate displays with the Pampas Grass Spray, 45", White. This 45" high floral is made of pure white faux pampas grass for a pretty feathered look. Add this spray to any display that needs a little extra flair and watch the display transform!

Pampas Grass Wreath, 24", Taupe

Bring a little flair to the farmhouse with the Pampas Grass Wreath, 24", Taupe. This feathery wreath is made entirely of faux pampas grass sprigs and will add soft, natural texture to displays. It looks great on its own or with our cutout script signs displayed hanging across it. Wreath has a 10.5" inside diameter and an approximate 20-24" outside diameter.

Pampas Grass Wreath, 24", Cream

The Pampas Grass Wreath, 24", Cream is a beautiful mix of showy and simple and is sure to elevate decor in the farmhouse. This warm, cream-colored wreath is made entirely of feathered faux pampas grass stems. It looks lovely hanging or place flat and fill the center with a few pumpkins in Fall or candles and other florals year-round. Wreath has a 10.5" inside diameter and an approximate 20-24" outside diameter.

Pampas Grass Pick, 28", Cream

The Pampas Grass Pick, 28", Cream is a feathery, eye-pleasing floral that pairs beautifully with a wide variety of farmhouse decor. This 28" high pick has a warm cream color and sports the soft filaments of faux pampas grass. It can be used to enhance a variety of displays throughout the year.

Pampas Grass Pick, 28", Taupe

Add quick notes of natural allure with the Pampas Grass Pick, 28", Taupe. This simple but pretty pick features soft brown faux pampas grass sprigs and measures 28" high. It makes a quick and easy addition to displays to bring candles, signs and more to the next level.

Pampas Grass Wreath, 24", White

Add natural beauty with a hint of the dramatic to the farmhouse with the Pampas Grass Wreath, 24", White. This white, feathery wreath is made of wrapped faux pampas grass stems. It really pops when displayed on darker colored doors or backgrounds and looks lovely alone or with a sign hanging in the middle. Wreath has a 10.5" inside diameter and an approximate 20-24" outside diameter.

Weeping Pampas Grass Branch, Gray

The Weeping Pampas Grass Branch, Gray will bring silky, charming notes to farmhouse decor. This sizable, 46" high floral features sprigs of soft gray, weeping, faux pampas grass. This feathery floral looks fantastic with black and white farmhouse decor or accenting more colorful accessories.

Baby's Breath & Lush Eucalyptus Garland

Wrap the farmhouse in flourishing greenery with the Baby's Breath & Lush Eucalyptus Garland. This 5-foot long garland is made of a mix of dark green eucalyptus stems, larger rounded leaves, baby’s breath stems and herbal sprigs. The greenery is a mix of plastic, fabric and accents in foam. This garland will bring the feel of outdoors inside when added to shelf or mantel displays or hanging along door frames or curtain rods.

Baby's Breath & Lush Eucalyptus Wreath

Sprigs of eucalyptus, baby’s breath and large rounded leaves come together to make the Baby's Breath & Lush Eucalyptus Wreath a striking addition to the farmhouse. The greenery is secured to a sturdy dried twig base and it measures 7.5" on the inside diameter with an approximate 16-18" outside diameter. This wreath sports an abundance of Spring and Summer greenery and really pops on white or light backgrounds.

Baby's Breath & Lush Eucalyptus Ring

Bring a bounty of greens beauty and soft white accents to candle displays with the Baby's Breath & Lush Eucalyptus Ring. This lovely ring bursts with plastic and fabric greenery and sprays of baby’s breath accents. It looks great with candles or used as a smaller wreath measuring 6" on the inside diameter and 10-14” on the outside diameter.

Baby's Breath & Lush Eucalyptus Spray

Highlight Spring and Summer farmhouse decor with the Baby's Breath & Lush Eucalyptus Spray. Featuring dark green eucalyptus stems with a mix of other leaves and sprigs of baby’s breath, this lovely spray features a variety of textures including plastic, fabric and foam. It measures 19" high and is great for accenting box signs or sitters or filling hanging pocket containers and milk cans.