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Rustic Bird Garden Wall Planters, 2/Set

Add some vintage garden-style appeal to farmhouse decor with the Rustic Bird Garden Wall Planters set. This set of matching metal planters have matching designs with perforated metal baskets at the base. The top of each has an embossed design that reads ‘GARDEN’ with a frame and leaf details and an embossed bird at the top of the basket. Sitting on each basket is a cute three dimensional metal bird The planters have a hole at the top for hanging with nails, screws, or small hooks. They have a rustic finish in faded white, blue-green, and a rusty tones. These planters look great with florals and greenery indoors or hanging on the porch or in the garden. The small planter measures 14" high by 9.5" wide with a 3.75" depth. The large planter is 18" high by 12.5" wide with a 4.75" depth.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $103.39 each.

Graywash Metal Birdcage With Cement Planter

Spring is in full bloom with the Graywash Metal Birdcage With Cement Planter. This adorable garden inspired accessory features a simple cement planter with a distressed finish inside of a graywashed metal birdcage with a bird accent. The charming farmhouse accessory can be displayed freestanding or hanging from its circular hanger and is perfect for pairing with your favorite floral. Birdcage measures 10" high by 4.75" Squared, planter measures 3" high by 4" squared.

Green Buds Succulent Pick, 8.5"

This adorable tiny pick will add a pop of color to any floral arrangements. It is comprised of faux succulent buds and leaves in a fresh, light green finish. The leaves measure 3" high, and the pick is 8.25" high overall. Add to a glass bottle for a simple display, or combine with other florals for a pop of color.

Metal Birdcage with Cement Pot

Add a small floral to the Metal Birdcage with Cement Pot for a unique Spring accent! The brown metal birdcage is accented with a metal bird, and has a hinged top with hook closure for easy decorating. It comes with a removable 2.75" high by 2.75" diameter cement pot inside and measures 10" high by 3.5" in diameter overall.

Pink & White Paper Wildflower & Twig Wreath

Bring a bounty of Springtime flowers to the farmhouse with the Pink & White Paper Wildflower & Twig Wreath. An abundance of papery pink and white blooms grace a gathering of rounded plastic leaves. The greenery fades from dark at the base to bright green at the tips. The foliage and florals are secured to a bound dried twig base and have wrapped wire stems for easy styling. This wreath is an eye-catcher on front doors, windows, or over the mantel. Measures 11" on the inside diameter with a 18-20" outer diameter.

Pink & White Paper Flower Garland

Accent Springtime displays with abundant greenery and little pops of color with the Pink & White Paper Flower Garland. This 4-foot garland has a wrapped wire base for easy styling. It sports plastic eucalyptus style sprigs that fade from dark to bright green and small but eye-catching paper flowers in white and deep pink. This garland looks lovely running along table or shelf displays or wrapped around large containers.

Black Metal & Wood Riser, 7" Dia. x 2.75" H

Build charming displays with varying heights with the Black Metal & Wood Riser, 7" Dia. x 2.75" H. This round riser has a black metal tray with a 7" diameter and stands 2.75" high on three wooden legs. It works great as a candle tray for grouping multiple candles or pairing with florals, beads, and more! Or use to raise other items above surrounding decor for more clarity and depth of displays.

Bless This Home White Cement Timer Pillar

Blessings just got a little better with the Bless This Home White Cement Timer Pillar. A textured cement finish complements the fresh white color and black script which reads, "Bless This Home". It is battery operated and has a silicone dipped bulb that cast a warm light. A built-in timer allows the pillar to stay lit for six hours and then turn off for eighteen hours. Measures 3.5" high by 2.5" in diameter and requires two AA batteries for operation (not included).

Welcome Spring Flower Truck Block

The Welcome Spring Flower Truck Block is sure to be a pick-up for displays this Spring season. Reading ‘Welcome Spring’ in green text, this solid wood sitter is a lovely combination of Spring colors and farmhouse favorites. It sports a teal pickup truck with a bed full of Spring flowers in shades of blue, pink, yellow, white and green. This block looks great featured in front of a milk can full of Spring florals or added to a variety of other Spring displays. Measures 4.5" high by 7" wide with a .75" depth.

Galvanized Oval Wall Planters, 3/Set

Adding florals and greenery to a space has never been easier. The Galvanized Oval Wall Planters come in three different sizes: large, medium, and small. The large is 9" long by 3.75" wide by 8.75" high while the medium is 7” long by 3.25" wide by 7.75" high. The small measures 4.75" long by 2.5" wide by 6.75" high. These half bucket style planters have an unfinished, rustic construction that blends well with any farmhouse style. They can be displayed freestanding on any table or mantel or hung up via metal loops. These planters can be used year-round with florals from every season.

Pebble Eucalyptus Bush, 14”

Round, pale-green eucalyptus leaves fill out this voluminous floral accent. Use it to liven up your farmhouse decor with a breath of fresh air. It stands 14” high and looks great in a pitcher or tucked behind your favorite basket, decorative plate, or precious framed tabletop decor. It can be displayed indoors or outdoors on a covered porch.

Welcome Spring Blocks w/Flower Truck, 3/Set

Roll on into Spring with the Welcome Spring Blocks w/Flower Truck. This Spring-ready set of wooden pieces are great all together, spread out in various areas or in different combinations. The floral teal truck sitter stands 2.75" tall with rustic details. The "Welcome" and "Spring" sitters sit 2" tall in teal and distressed white with alternating lettering and backgrounds.

Resin Birch Taper Candle Holder

Bring a rustic, natural note to into the farmhouse with the Resin Birch Taper Candle Holder. Styled to look like a slice of birch wood, this resin candle holder has lovely details like textured bark and growth rings. It measures 2.25" in diameter with a 1.25" height and has a metal plate that lines the inside of the candle holder. It will look beautiful among a variety of seasonal decor with traditional or battery-operated tapers and pairs nicely with florals, bead garlands and more!

4" White Cement Look Taper

The 4" White Cement Look Taper measures 4" high by 1" wide and comes in a classic white color with a cement look finish and a built in timer. The taper cast a warm light and requires 1 AA battery (not included) for operation. Perfect for pairing with other candles or leaving as a stand alone piece.

Pink & White Paper Flower Candle Ring, 3"

Beautify the farmhouse with little touches of natural charm found in the Pink & White Paper Flower Candle Ring, 3". This candle ring has an inner diameter of 3" and spreads to approximately 8-10" on the outside diameter. It has plastic eucalyptus style sprigs that fade from a darker green at the base to bright green at the tips. Some stems sport white or pink paper blooms and all are bound with wrapped wire stems at the base. Use this candle ring with candles or wrap around door knobs, drawer pulls, and more for a little pop of natural beauty.

Pink & White Paper Wildflower Candle Ring, 6"

Add a burst of natural beauty to candle and Springtime displays with the Pink & White Paper Wildflower Candle Ring, 6". This charming candle ring has dark green to bright green plastic leaves in a rounded eucalyptus style. Many of the stems are topped with papery blossoms in white or deep pink. The stems have wrapped wire bases for easy shaping. This ring looks lovely with a grouping of candles or small accessories or hanging as a mini wreath. Measures 6" on the inside diameter with a 10-12" outside diameter.

Warm Light White Pillar, 3x4

Set a calming mood with our Warm Light White Pillar. This frosted plastic candle casts a soft, yellow light when switched on and serves as an excellent accent in any room. It has a silicon-dipped flame that gently flickers and it requires three AAA batteries for operation (not included with purchase). Pair this pillar with an icy candle ring for an elegant centerpiece or simply set it on a candle tray for a cozy look. Measures 4" high by 3" wide by 3" deep.

Pink & White Paper Wildflower Spray

Add texture and beauty to farmhouse displays with the Pink & White Paper Wildflower Spray. This 30" high spray has plastic eucalyptus style leaves in shades of green on wrapped wire stems. Pink and white papery blooms are scattered throughout the greenery. This spray looks beautiful accenting larger signs and displays or added to containers.

Pink & White Paper Wildflower Pick

Bring an enticing mix of flowers and greenery to farmhouse decor with the Pink & White Paper Wildflower Pick. This 20" pick features sprigs of rounded leaves in plastic that fade from darker green to bright green at the tips. It is scattered with papery blooms in white and pink and the base stem is wrapped wire. This pick will add natural notes when tucked into tiered trays, shelf displays and more!

Resin Birch Pillar Candle Holder

Add a rustic, natural touch to farmhouse displays with the Resin Birch Pillar Candle Holder. This heavy candle holder looks like a weathered slice of natural wood with distressed edges. It measures 3.5" in diameter with a 1.5" height. The diameter of the holder itself is roughly 2.25". This holder will bring a natural and aged feel to a variety of candles and displays and looks lovely with everyday or seasonal decor.

Love Lives Here White Cement Timer Pillar

Let love into your home with the Love Lives Here Cement Timer Pillar. The battery-operated pillar candle reads, "Love Lives Here", and comes with a cement texture and white finish. Measuring 3.5" high by 2.5" in diameter it is perfect to place on its own or in a group. The candle features a silicone dipped bulb and a warm light, and includes a timer that cast light for six hours and turns off for eighteen hours. Requires two AA batteries (not included) for operation.