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Farm Fresh Black Distressed Metal Sign

Get the feel of fresh, local farming with a vintage flair in the Farm Fresh Black Distressed Metal Sign. Featuring a realistic drawing of a rooster framed by the large, hand-painted style letters of the phrase ‘Farm Fresh,’ this metal sign has a distressed and rusted black finish. Below the larger letters is a white arrow reading ‘Locally Grown Specially Selected - Est. 1982' in black text. Pair this 6.5" high by 24" wide sign with other farm-themed decor and set off with a pop of color in florals or greenery. Frame has two sawtooth hangers for easy hanging.

Spring Wildflower Blossoms, Dusty Mauve

The Spring Wildflower Blossoms, Dusty Mauve brings sweet, delicate notes to farmhouse decor this Spring season. The spray has a base of small green and tiny brown leaves and stems in plastic and wrapped wire. Shoots of charming pink fabric flowers grow along the ends of the wrapped stems. This spray makes a beautiful addition to shelf and tabletop displays either laying along other decor or filling vases or containers. Measures 22" high.

Love This Family Black Wooden Sign

Reflect the importance of family in the farmhouse with the Love This Family Black Wooden Sign. This 6.5" square wooden box has a distressed black finish and 1.5" thickness for easy freestanding display. It also has a sawtooth hanger on the back for hanging display. It reads ‘love this family’ in white text and script accented with a leafy depiction at the bottom. This sign looks lovely with colorful or more neutral florals and decor.

Spring Wildflower Blossoms, Peach

Add a little brightness and natural beauty to the farmhouse with the Spring Wildflower Blossoms, Peach. This charming floral spray features sprigs of peach colored wildflowers with fabric petals blooming in rows on wrapped wire stems. There are a variety of small leaves and buds along with plastic stems for and added textural element. Pair this spray with a selection of our other Spring Wildflower sprays for a fresh-picked wildflower bouquet. Measures 22" long.

Pasture Cows Framed Print, Wood Frame

Show love for farmstead animals with the Pasture Cows Framed Print, Wood Frame. This rustic, wood frame holds a print that depicts cattle in the pasture and has a textured style background. The print focuses on a larger brown cow with a white face and a smaller beige and white cow. This frame makes a great focal point for wall decor or as a central piece in a wall collage. Measures 16" high by 20" wide and has 2 sawtooth hangers on the back for easy hanging.

Farmers Market Milk Can

This green milk can displays the words, “Farmers market fresh and healthy,” in vintage-style lettering. It has a 5½” diameter and is 9½” high. Weathered for a pastoral look, this accent works well for displaying florals (not included). This item is not food safe and is for decorative purposes only.

Baby's Grass Bush

Featuring small round leaves and variegated shades of green, the Baby's Grass Bush tapers to a sturdy stem that makes it easy to add to floral arrangements. 14" high.

Distressed Black Metal Wall Bucket, 2/Set

Bring texture and a rustic accent to any farmhouse space with the Distressed Metal Wall Bucket set. This set comes in two sizes: small and large. They measure 6.75" long by 3" wide by 5" high and 8.5" long by 4" wide by 6.25" high. These distressed, black buckets each feature a line down the middle outlined in white. Small, black metal dots line the bucket openings. They can be displayed freestanding on any table or mantel or hung up via keyhole hangers. The versatile look of the buckets works for pairing with all kinds of décor and displaying florals from different seasons.

Luxberry Half Sphere

The Luxberry Half Sphere is sure to add character to your floral arrangement with its adorable design and versatile display options. This beautiful faux-floral accessory measures 11" and has an assortment of realistic looking green leaves that are accented by plastic white buds. Pair the sphere with other Luxberry florals for a coordinating floral arrangement that is sure to add a little flare to any room.

Luxberry Bush

Create beautiful floral arrangements with the adorable and realistic look of the Luxberry Bush. This charming faux-floral measures 11" high and boasts a green plastic stem adorned with plastic leaves and white plastic bud accents. The floral looks great in vases, glass jars, or baskets for a fun and easy decorative accent. Pair with similarly styled florals to create a beautiful bouquet.

Spring Wildflower Blossoms, Violet

Add subtle purple tones to Springtime displays with the Spring Wildflower Blossoms, Violet. This spray boasts lovely soft purple flowers with fabric petals blooming up the length of wrapped wire stems with small green leaves. There is a scattering of plastic stems in green and light brown with diminutive plastic leaves. Add this 22" high spray to everyday candles, and garlands to quickly and easily add a touch of Spring.

Pasture Pig Framed Print, Wood Frame

Bring and adorable element to wall decor with the Pasture Pig Framed Print, Wood Frame. The distressed wooden frame holds a print of an adorable piglet with pink ears and nose in the pasture. The background has a textured, brush stroke style for added detail. This frame also looks great displayed sitting or leaning on the mantel or tables with bead garlands, florals and candles. Measures 12" square with a sawtooth hanger on the back.

Open Daily Farmhouse Distressed Metal Sign

The farmhouse will be a rustic and chic with the Open Daily Farmhouse Distressed Metal Sign. Featuring a distressed finish and rusty edges, this white metal sign reads ‘Farmhouse’ in large black hand-painted style letters. It also reads ‘Open Daily” and ‘Locally Grown & fresh” in a mix of text and script. A realistic depiction of a pig in black and white appears at the bottom right corner of the sign and is accompanied by the information ‘EST. 1927.’ This sign looks great as a focal piece in farm animal or black and white displays hanging just above sitting decor or a tiered tray. Measures 6.5" high by 24" wide with a .5" depth and has two sawtooth hangers.

Farm Animal Resin Stack

Farmhouse decor and country living meet in the Farm Animal Resin Stack. This freestanding resin display features a cow, pig, sheep, and rooster stacked on top of one another. The cream colored display has brown distressing for a vintage feel. Standing 7" high by 4" wide it is the perfect accent piece for any room in your farmhouse.

Shaggy Steer Framed Portrait

Celebrate the ‘farm’ in farmhouse decor with the Shaggy Steer Farmed Portrait. This frame depicts a beautiful watercolor image of a shaggy steer outside. The white-washed frame adds to the rustic feel of the piece. Dress up a wall by using it in a hanging display or place it with a mix of florals and candles on a table. It is measured 11.75" Sq.

Blushing Cream Peony Spray, 29"

Bring a compelling, bold blossom into farmhouse decor this Spring with the Blushing Cream Peony Spray, 29”. This pretty peony features a sizable bloom made of cream colored fabric petals with a subtle pink in the center. The stem is plastic coated wire and sports two dark green fabric leaves. This floral looks great gracing the edge of metal buckets or displayed in milk cans. Measures 29" high.

Wispy Spring Buds Spray, Pink

Add the subtle allure of tiny wildflowers to displays with the Wispy Spring Buds Spray, Pink. This 22" spray has a mix of textures with plastic stems with tiny leaves and wrapped wire stems. There are floral buds and little seed or pollen packets at the tips of some stems. The flowers are dusty mauve fabric with plastic golden centers. This floral looks lovely added to trays or laying along side Spring-themed box signs or sitters.

Wispy Spring Buds Spray, Cream

Easily brighten Spring or everyday displays with the Wispy Spring Buds Spray, Cream. Comprised of a mix of plastic and wrapped wire stems, this spray features cream-colored fabric flowers with plastic yellow centers growing in bunches at the end of the stems. There are tiny green leaves and pretty little flower buds to accent the flowers. This 22" spray is charming on it’s own or will add a little Springtime flair to greenery and other florals.

Be Our Guest Black Wooden Sign

Welcome visitors to the farmhouse with the country-chic Be Our Guest Black Wooden Sign. This wooden sign has a box-like design with open back and sawtooth hanger for easy hanging. It sports a distressed black finish and white leafy design accompanied by the phrase ‘be our guest’ in white text and script. This sign makes a great addition to entry-way displays either hanging or sitting with a gathering of candles and greenery. It measures 6.5" square and has a 1.5" depth.

Wispy Spring Buds Spray, Twilight

The Wispy Spring Buds Spray, Twilight brings the allure of natural wildflowers to the farmhouse this Spring. Measuring 22" high, this spray features small fabric flowers in dusty purple blooming in bunches at the top of wrapped wire stems. The flowers are accented by stems with groupings of tiny round flowers or seeds. There is a mix of plastic stems with diminutive leaves for added color and texture. This spray looks like it was just plucked from the fields around the farmhouse and is darling when displayed in jars or small vases.

Wispy Spring Buds Spray, Orange

Bring a touch of wild beauty inside this Spring with the Wispy Spring Buds Spray, Orange. This 22" spray features small fabric flowers with peach petals and yellow plastic centers. There is a mix of wrapped wire and plastic stems with diminutive plastic leaves. Some of the stems are tipped with cute floral buds. This spray looks lovely paired with bird nests and candles for a nature-themed Spring display.

Simply Blessed Calf Framed Portrait

Be welcomed warmly into any room with the Simply Blessed Calf Framed Portrait. The distressed portrait has soft strokes of browns and whites along with text that reads “simply blessed” in the corner in script and text. The white frame is slightly distressed and at 11.75” this portrait is great for hanging or as a sitter among candle rings, candles, and florals.