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Beaded Round Snowflakes Hanger, 2 Asstd.

The Beaded Round Snowflakes Hanger assortment will bring rustic beauty to the farmhouse this Winter. Measuring 5.75" in diameter, these hangers have a wooden frame topped with a beaded hanger. One has a dark blue background with pretty white snowflake. The other has a dark blue background with hand-drawn style snowflakes and a band of white across the center. The band of white reads ‘snowflakes’ in dark blue script. Add these hangers to the Christmas tree and then shift to a frosty garland or the mantel for Winter-long display.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 6, you will receive 3 of each style when available.

Chunky Snowy Christmas Tree Sitters, 3/Set

Bring snowy farmhouse tones to Christmas and Winter displays with the Chunky Snowy Christmas Tree Sitters set. This set of three wooden trees has light paint splatter accents and distressed edges. All three have a .75" depth for easy standing display. The large tree is gray with white splatter and measures 5" high by 3.25" wide. The medium tree measures 4" high by 2.5" wide and is white with gray splatter. The small tree is dark blue with white paint splatter and measures 2" high by 2" wide. These trees look lovely with snowflake themed decor and icy or blueberry Winter florals.

Frosted Cypress Tree

The Frosted Cypress Tree is the perfect artificial plant for when you want to bring the beautiful icy leaves inside. The 7” freestanding tree features a natural looking tree slice base that would look great sitting on a side table or book shelf.

Frosted Woodland Cedar Tree, 15"

Easily add a touch of nature to Winter displays this season with the Frosted Woodland Cedar Tree, 15". The cute, cedar style tree features abundant plastic greenery with a natural pinecones peeking through here and there. It has a sturdy, square base that is wrapped in burlap and tied off with jute. The tree has been dusted with glitter for a shimmery, frosted look. This tree will look lovely with holiday decor and can stick around throughout the winter season. Measures 3.25" square with a 15" height.
$13.97 $28.09

Frosty Cedar, Pinecone & White Berry Wreath

Bring lovely, subtle greens to farmhouse holiday decor with the Frosty Cedar, Pinecone & White Berry Wreath. Scattered with white berries and pale eucalyptus leaves, this wreath is a gathering of light green cedar style leaves in plastic. A few natural pinecones with white tips peek through the greenery and the wreath has a dusting of glitter for a frosty look. This wreath looks lovely gracing doors or entryways or lay flat and add candles and other holiday decor for a festive centerpiece. Measures 9” on the inside diameter and approximately 20" on the outside diameter.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $45.79 each.
$25.97 $45.79

Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows Block Sign

Warm up this Winter with the inviting allure of the Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows Block Sign. This sweet little wooden block sign features a mug in shades of blue filled with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows. The sign has a white background with raw edges and reads ‘Hot Cocoa with marshmallows - Warm Up Here!’ In deep blue script and text. Below the message, a blue striped arrow points to the right. This sign looks lovely with our Dusty Blue Berry florals or other icy winter florals. Measures 3.5" high by 6.5" wide with a .75" depth.

Ice Skating Rentals Block Sign

Add a little grace and charm to Winter farmhouse decor with the Ice Skating Rentals Block Sign. This cute wooden block has raw edges with a white background and reads ‘Ice Skating - all day rentals - Warming House’ in navy script and text. Below the text is a striped blue arrow and accenting the sign is a pair of light blue ice skates with white tops. This pretty sign looks beautiful with frosted winter florals. Measures 3.5" high by 6.5" wide with a .75" depth.
$2.57 $4.59

Joy, Peace, Noel Snowflake Mini Stick, 3 Asstd.

Remember the joys of the season with the winter-inspired Joy, Peace, Noel Snowflake Mini Sticks. Each stick comes in navy blue with a white snowflake design and rustic raw edges. Inspirational words grace each sign and read “peace”, “joy” and “noel” in white script. These stick signs look lovely when displayed together or separately and make a great addition to any mantel or tabletop display. Each stick measures 1" high by 6" wide by .5" deep.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 18 you will receive 6 of each style when available.

Layered Cozy Cup House Sitter

Winter days in the farmhouse will be a little extra comfy with the Layered Cozy Cup House Sitter. This cute light blue house sitter is solid wood with layered wood cutouts making up the design. It features a white mug with a sparkly blue snowflake. It reads ‘Cozy’ in white blocky letters and sitter has a lightly distressed style. It measures 4.5" high by 2.5" wide with a .75" depth. This sitter looks great among Winter kitchen decor and it will make a darling addition to tiered tray displays.

Snow Is Falling Navy Snowflake Mini Stick, 2 Asstd.

The Snow Is Falling Navy Snowflake Mini Sticks have some fun with the chilling temperatures winter may bring. The wood sitters have a blue front with snowflake pattern and distressed edges. Type and script sayings featured are 'Baby, it's cold outside' and 'outside the snow is falling'. Measures 1" high x 6" wide by .5" deep.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 24, you will receive 12 of each style when available.

Snowflake Charm Beaded Garland

Drape holiday displays in snowy beauty with the Snowflake Charm Beaded Garland. This 46" long garland has .25" diameter white beads with .75" diameter dark blue beads. A snowflake charm appears at one end with a blue background and white snowflake. It measures 1.75" in diameter and has a .25" thickness. The beads and charm are wooden and are strung on a jute cord with a jute tassel finishing the other end. This garland is great for Christmas and Winter displays and will look lovely wrapped around icy florals, candles, metal containers and more!

Snowflake Ornament Beaded Garland

Bring beaded beauty to holiday farmhouse displays with the Snowflake Ornament Beaded Garland. This pretty garland measures 60" long and has white wooden beads strung on a jute cord with a jute loop at each end. The garland features two different ornament style wooden cutouts. One is a rounded ornament with dark blue background and distressed white snowflake design. This ornament measures 1.75" in diameter. The other is a tapered bulb design with dark blue and white designs and measures 2.75" high by 1.5" wide. This garland will make tree decorating a breeze by doubling as garland and ornaments! It will also look lovely strung along tables, mantels, window sills and more!

Sparkle Cedar & White Berry Garland

Wrap a little sparkle and beauty around the farmhouse this Winter with the Sparkle Cedar & White Berry Garland. This 5 ft long garland is made of plastic cedar and eucalyptus leaves with scattered white berries, twigs, and natural pinecones. It is has a generous dusting of glitter and the pinecones are tipped white for that wintery wonderland feel. Wrap this garland on poles or banisters, or frame windows and doors for a lovely touch of nature inside the farmhouse this season!
$19.97 $37.99

Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament, 2 Asstd.

The Wood Bead Snowflake Ornaments will add a lovely and homemade feel to the Christmas tree or other winter décor this holiday season. The snowflakes come in a white washed color and a light, natural wood color. The beads are strung on a white plastic-coated wire and wrapped into pretty snowflake shapes. They are topped with a jute loop for easy hanging. These snowflakes look wonderful on the tree but would also make a great addition hanging from garlands or with stockings on the mantel. Ornaments measure 5" high by 4" wide by .25" deep.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 12, you will receive 6 of each style when available.

Wooden Snowflake Bead Garland

The Wooden Snowflake Bead Garland is perfect for turning any room into a winter wonderland! It features white wood beads and glitter-coated snowflakes for a dazzling look. It can be embellished with festive ribbons or simply displayed as is by the jute hangers on each end. Garland can be used to dress up an archway, mantelpiece, or banister and measures 62" in length with 4" jute hangers.

Wooden Snowflake Bulb Christmas Ornaments, 2/Set

The Wooden Snowflake Bulb Christmas Ornaments set puts a spin on traditional Christmas bulbs. These charming ornaments are wooden cutouts in the shape of Christmas bulbs with jute hangers and a blue and white color scheme. The round bulb is dark blue with a white snowflake and measures 3.25 high by 2.5" wide. The other ornament measures 4" high by 2" wide and has a pointed bottom with blue and white lines and dots. These ornaments look great on traditional trees or will really pop on white!

Wooden Snowflake on Believe Block

Believe in the beauty of the Winter season with the Wooden Snowflake on Believe Block. This lovely white snowflake cutout sits atop a light blue wooden block that reads ‘Believe.’ The block has distressed edges with white capital letters and the piece overall measures 5" high by 3.25" wide with a 1" depth. This block is great for Winter and holiday decorating and will look lovely paired with box signs, candles, beads and more!