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Trays & Risers

Elevate your farmhouse decor with our trays, risers and more!

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Aztec White Metal & Wood Risers, 2/Set

Bring height and instant beauty to farmhouse displays with the Aztec White Metal & Wood Risers set. This set of two risers has a metal base with embossed Aztec design and distressed white finish. Each sits on three sturdy, triangular metal legs for secure displays. The circular risers have a natural wooden top and look great uplifting a variety of decor such as signs, sitters, candles and more! These risers also make great displays for plates of appetizers or desserts at parties! The small riser measures 10" in diameter with a 4.25" height and the large measures 12" in diameter with a 4.75" height.

Oval Natural Wood Riser w/Jute Wrap Handle

Bring more texture and height to displays with the Oval Natural Wood Riser with Jute Wrap Handle. This cutting board styled riser has an oval shape and four wooden legs for sturdy display. The handle has a hole at the top and is wrapped in jute cord for added detail. This riser makes a perfect addition to kitchen decor and looks lovely with kitchen themed signs, sitters, candles, and more! It is for decorative purposes only and measures 2.25" high with a 14" length and 8.25" width.

Rectangular Natural Wood Riser w/Jute Wrap Handle

Uplift farmhouse displays with the shabby-chic Rectangular Natural Wood Riser with Jute Wrap Handle. This cutting board styled riser sits on four sturdy legs for secure display and has a rustic distressed finish. The riser has a jute-wrapped handle with a hole detail. This riser looks great with kitchen decor but can be added to any setting to raise decor and style. It measures 2.25" high with a 13.75" length and 9.25" width and is for decorative purposes only.

Natural Wood Beaded Two Tiered Tray

Create a beautiful, statement display with the Natural Wood Beaded Two Tiered Tray. This lovely two tiered tray features natural wood trays ringed in prominent, round, wooden beads. The center column is dark metal and is topped with a ring for easy moving and lifting. The bottom tray sits atop three, simple, sturdy wooden legs. The natural wood finish and style of this tray make it compatible with a wide range of colors and styles. Fill with candles, mini signs, sitters, florals - nearly anything you can think of! Measures 13" high with a 13" diameter.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $45.79 each.

Weathered Two-Tiered Tray

The Weathered Two-Tiered Tray is a farmhouse inspired accessory perfect for kitchens, living rooms, or dining rooms. This wooden two-tiered tray is a freestanding tabletop accessory with three wooden legs, two wooden trays, two distressed wooden beams for support, and a metal circular loop on top. It measures 21” high and 12” in diameter and is perfect for decorating with framed signs, candles, florals, or sitters. The trays can also be used as a functional accent to store knick-knacks, keys, and mail. The tray is pictured with the Wooden Family Block, 35346 and pillar candles 84752, 84753, 84755.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $54.79 each.

Olive Bucket Metal Trays, 3/Set

Everyday decor meets farmhouse inspired style with these charming Metal Trays. This set of galvanized metal trays feature an olive bucket style, and come in three varying sizes that allow for versatile and creative display options. The trays can be used to store items around the house or accessorized for decorative use. Two convenient metal handles with a rust finish make moving fast and easy. Large tray measures 4" high by 14" wide by 14" deep, medium measures 4" high by 12" wide by 12" deep, and small measures 4" high by 10" wide by 10" deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $63.29 per set.

Metal Trays w/ Wooden Handles, 2/Set

Metal Trays with Wooden Handles are the perfect farmhouse chic accessories. The elegant metal trays features two wooden accent handles and a lightly embossed diamond pattern for a sleek and sophisticated look. Set comes with two size trays that look great as living room, bathroom and bedroom decor. Place on coffee tables, dressers, or sinks for a charming display. Trays measure 3.75" high by 12" wide by 12" deep and 3.75" high by 10" wide by 10" deep.

Beaded Edge Wooden Tray

Elevate displays all year round with the Beaded Edge Wooden Tray. This lovely, wooden tray stands 3.5" high with short, spindle style legs and large wooden beads creating the edge of the tray. The tray's finish is mostly natural wood with areas of light, white paint distressing. This elongated tray is perfect for displaying candles, box signs, mini sticks and more! It will be a favorite for everyday decor and will lend a little extra beauty to holiday displays. Measures 3.5" high by 23.25" wide by 6.5" deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $68.79 each.

Galvanized Metal Two-Tiered Tray

Galvanized Metal Two-Tiered Tray will add a layer of modern sophistication to any farmhouse with its industrial look and versatile styling options. The freestanding two-tier metal tray measures 16" high by 13" in diameter and has a black metal center with a circular loop. It looks great decorated with florals, candles, signs, coffee mugs, or small vases. Place the tray on tabletops, kitchen counters, or in dining rooms for a beautiful accent all year round. The tray is also a great accessory for creating seasonal arrangements for halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $72.49 each.

Black Cat Resin Trinket Tray

The Black Cat Resin Trinket Tray is the purr-fect place to toss jewelry, keys, and other small but important items. Made of resin and sporting a black, lightly distressed finish, this tray has a round shape with raised sides and cat ears. The tray sports subtle whiskers and looks simply darling on dressers, by the sink, or anywhere your might need a safe place to toss small items. The tray measures 4" by 3.75" and stands 1" tall at the ears. Use this tray as intended or pair with one of our flameless pillars for a fun candle plate!

Black Metal & Wood Riser, 7" Dia. x 2.75" H

Build charming displays with varying heights with the Black Metal & Wood Riser, 7" Dia. x 2.75" H. This round riser has a black metal tray with a 7" diameter and stands 2.75" high on three wooden legs. It works great as a candle tray for grouping multiple candles or pairing with florals, beads, and more! Or use to raise other items above surrounding decor for more clarity and depth of displays.

Black Metal & Wood Riser, 6" Dia. x 2.75" H

Add height and depth to farmhouse displays with ease with the Black Metal & Wood Riser, 6" Dia. x 2.75" H. This simple but lovely riser features three wooden legs holding a metal tray with a black finish. It measures 6" in diameter and stands 2.75" tall. This riser fits well with a variety of styles and can be emphasized as part of the design or blended into the background to let other decor shine. Place in the middle of a larger, lush candle ring to elevate signs, candles and more; giving a clear view of the decor while maintaining the beauty of a full floral accent.

Wood & Black Metal Open Air Lantern

Add a unique and eye-catching element to farmhouse displays with the Wood & Black Metal Open Air Lantern. This lantern is composed of black metal with a distressed wood tray in the center. It has a moveable metal handle on top for hanging or carrying. The open air design allows for a wide variety of additions including minimal and larger florals, a single pillar candle or grouping of smaller candles, and more! It measures 10" high and the dimensions at the widest point are 6.5" by 6.5".

Natural Jute Candle Tray w/Star

Build stellar farmhouse displays with the Natural Jute Candle Tray with Star. This 11" diameter tray is made of dried jute in natural tones. It has a 2.25" height and is accented with a large white star in the center of the tray. This tray will look great holding a variety of decor including a cluster of candles, block or box signs, chunky sitters and more!

White Chicken Wire Pedestal Tray

Make farmhouse displays something to cluck about with the White Chicken Wire Pedestal Tray. This simple but unique pedestal measures 10" in diameter and 5.5" tall. It has a metal base with a wooden platform for easy display. The platform is surrounded by a shallow chicken wire basket. The metal is painted white with light distressing. This pedestal makes a great display for candles with a floral candle ring or display faux fruit, eggs, and more!