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Sunrise Tulip Stem, 15.5"

SKU: 18303
Bring a sunny, Springtime classic to the farmhouse this season with the Sunrise Tulip Stem, 15.5". The stem is plastic with a wire core and supports a bright yellow tulip bloom with orange accents. A long green fabric leave graces the stem while the bloom has black plastic stamens inside for a realistic look. The bloom has a foam base inside for structure and the floral measures 15.5" overall. Add this tulip to Spring displays or other florals for a pop of Springtime color.
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  • Fabric, plastic, foam
  • 15.5" H
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Purple Tulip Stem, 15.5"

Add an easy, fresh, Springtime floral to the farmhouse with the Purple Tulip Stem, 15.5". Featuring a large purple fabric bloom with dark purple and pink accents, this floral is 15.5" high on a plastic and wire stem. The stem features a long, bright green fabric leaf and the bloom has foam inside for structure along with black plastic stamens. This tulip looks great paired with our other tulips, added to other florals or tucked along box signs or sitters.

Champagne Tulip Stem, 15.5"

Bring brightness and beauty to the farmhouse this Spring with the Champagne Tulip Stem, 15.5". This 15.5" high floral has a closed fabric tulip bloom in champagne with pink edges and green at the base. The bloom has internal foam for structure and the green stem is plastic with a wire core. It has one long fabric leaf in bright green. Pair this stem with Spring decor or add to a bouquet with our other tulip stems.

Champagne Tulip Stem, 17.5"

Add a Springtime favorite to farmhouse decor with the Champagne Tulip Stem, 17.5". This tulip has fabric, champagne colored petals with yellow and bright pink accents. Inside, the bloom has a foam base for structure and black plastic stamens. The stem is green plastic with a wire core and has two moveable fabric leaves.

Blooming Sunflower Stem, Yellow

The Blooming Sunflower Stem, Yellow will add a classic, sunny element to farmhouse decor. This large sunflower features a fringe of bright yellow, fabric petals around a realistic, flecked brown center. The wire core, plastic coated stem has fabric leaves with a few nodes for changing their positions. This floral is a perfect accent for a variety of our sunflower-themed products! Measures 16" high with a 4.25" diameter bloom.

Blue Skies Are On The Way Blocks, 3 Asstd.

Spring calls for blue skies, flowers, sunshine and a bit of showers. The Blue Skies Are On The Way Blocks have all of those springtime favorite sayings with floral aesthetic. The lettering reads "Blue Skies Are On The Way", "Hello Sunshine" and "April Showers Bring May Flowers" in white and navy blue. These block stand or hang at 4" in height and 6" in length. These are great additions to sit on a table or mantel, but can hang on a doors or walls as well using the keyhole hangers on the back.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 6 you will receive 2 of each style.

Purple Tulip Stem, 17.5"

Laying along side signs and sitters or tucked into containers or flower holders, the Purple Tulip Stem, 17.5" will bring a lovely pop of deep color to farmhouse displays. Measuring 17.5" high, this deep purple fabric tulip sits atop a plastic and wire stem with two long fabric leaves. The bloom has subtle accents in darker purple and pink and black stamens inside for a realistic look.

Bless Our Nest Pattern Side Box Sign

Bring good vibes to the farmhouse with the Bless Our Nest Pattern Side Box Sign. This 8" square box sign depicts a white shiplap design with pretty flowers and greenery. It reads, "Bless our nest" in green script and mustard text. The word "Bless" is a painted wooden cut out giving the sign more depth. The edges feature a lovely floral print in shades of yellow, gray, pink, purple, and green. Hang via the sawtooth hanger or display this sign freestanding. The colors and theme are great for spring decorating or year-round décor! Sign measures 8" square by 1.5" deep.
$9.99 $19.59

Bloom Where You're Planted Shadowbox Sign

The flowers have bloomed and so can you with the Bloom Where You're Planted Shadowbox Sign. This pretty shadowbox sign is a great reminder of what Spring is all about. It features yellow and white floral patterns and gray lettering reading ‘Bloom where you’re Planted.’ This sign adds a refreshing and sunshiney look to any corner where it is added. This sign sits at 7.125" tall and wide.
  • Fabric, plastic, foam
  • 15.5" H