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Sunset Tulip Stem, 15.5"

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Add warm, vivid tones to the farmhouse this Spring with the Sunset Tulip Stem, 15.5". This floral features an early tulip bloom that hasn’t opened fully. The petals are fabric in shades of yellow and red with green toward the base. There is a foam core inside for structure and the bloom sits atop a plastic and wire stem with a long, bright green fabric leaf. This stem looks lovely laying along table and shelf displays or paired with a few of our other tulip stems. Measures 15.5" high.
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  • Fabric, plastic, foam
  • 15.5" H
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Enhance the autumn styling of the charming, country farmhouse with the soft pinks of the Heather Wildflower Spray. This floral accent features clusters of pale pink faux flowers among fine leaves and pip berries. It has a green wrapped-wire stem at the base and measures 20” H x approx. 6.5” Dia.

Champagne Tulip Stem, 15.5"

Bring brightness and beauty to the farmhouse this Spring with the Champagne Tulip Stem, 15.5". This 15.5" high floral has a closed fabric tulip bloom in champagne with pink edges and green at the base. The bloom has internal foam for structure and the green stem is plastic with a wire core. It has one long fabric leaf in bright green. Pair this stem with Spring decor or add to a bouquet with our other tulip stems.

Sunset Tulip Stem, 17.5"

Add a bold and classic Spring element to the farmhouse this Spring with the Sunset Tulip Stem, 17.5". Measuring 17.5" high, this plastic and wire stem sports a red tulip with fabric petals. The bloom is accented in darker reds at the base and orange and yellow at the tips. It has black stamens inside along with a foam core. The stem has two long green leaves made of fabric.

Champagne Tulip Stem, 17.5"

Add a Springtime favorite to farmhouse decor with the Champagne Tulip Stem, 17.5". This tulip has fabric, champagne colored petals with yellow and bright pink accents. Inside, the bloom has a foam base for structure and black plastic stamens. The stem is green plastic with a wire core and has two moveable fabric leaves.

Mustard Pebble Creek Candle Ring, 3"

Create a cozy autumn ambience with this Mustard Pebble Creek Candle Ring. The warm yellows of the foam berries perfectly complements the subtle browns and greens of the plastic leaves and base. Try placing it around a pillar or slender jar candle for a chic centerpiece. The inside diameter measures 3" and it measures 8" wide.

Pompom Stem, White

Pompom Stem, White is the perfect filler flower! Boasting white fabric petals on a long and flexible stem, this floral looks great with pink, yellow, and purple flowers. Place it in a milk can or decorative vase for a darling finish. Measures 11" high by 2" wide by 2" deep.

Peony Stem, Blush

Add a pop of delicate color into any space with the Peony Stem, Blush. It features pink fabric petals on a slender green stem and is easily bunched with matchings flowers to create a dazzling bouquet. It looks darling in a vase, can, or bucket, and is sure to please for years to come. Measures 11" high by 3.5" wide by 3.5" deep.

Purple Heather Spray

Purple Heather Spray is an easy way to infuse a pop of color into dark decor. It boasts deep purple plastic buds with green stems and leaves and is perfect for crafting spring looks. It can be displayed on its own or in an arrangement and looks great in decorative vases or milk cans. Measures 20" high by 6" wide by 2" deep.
  • Fabric, plastic, foam
  • 15.5" H