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Medium Black Spindle Flower Holder

SKU: 35957
The Medium Black Spindle Flower Holder adds a lovely accent to floral displays. This holder features a 4" wooden spindle on a .25" high square base for sturdy display. It comes in a black, distressed finish and has an approximate 3/8" hole to accommodate stems, sticks and dowels. Display almost any pick or stemmed floral with this lovely holder. Measures 4.25" high by 2" square.
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  • Wood 
  • 4.25" H x 2" Sq.
  • Approx. .375" opening
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Medium White Spindle Flower Holder

Display flowers in a fun, unique way with the Medium White Spindle Flower Holder. This white, distressed spindle is solid wood with an approximate 3/8" hole to accommodate stems and dowels. This holder will help add height to any display by making stemmed florals an easy addition in almost any setting. Measures 4.25" high by 2" square.

Gerbera Daisy Stem, White

Add a little delicate beauty to displays with the Gerbera Daisy Stem, White. This lovely floral has feathery, fabric petals that surround a yellow and green center. The wire core stem is coated in green plastic and holds position well. Place this daisy on shelves, tables or mantels along sitting decor to instantly elevate the display.
$1.97 $4.39

Home Sweet Home Stacked Books

Being home just got even sweeter with the Home Sweet Home Stacked Books. This adorable wood accessory boasts the appearance of books stacked on top of one another and tied together with a jute string bow. It reads, “Home Sweet Home” in black script and measures 2.5” high by 8" wide by 4” deep. Place this charming accessory on book shelves, mantels, or tabletops as a unique accent to picture frames, vases, or actual books.

Black Small Buffalo Check Timer Pillar

The Black Small Buffalo Check Timer Pillar is country-themed and stylish. Warm glow lighting and black buffalo check print make this candle a great focal point for any room. The pillar measures 4" high by 3" diameter and has a silicone dipped bulb. A timer makes this candle easy to use, casting light for six hours then turning off for eighteen hours. 3 AAA batteries (not included) are needed for use.

Shabby Chic Round Flower Holder

Display flowers with ease and simple beauty with the Shabby Chic Round Flower Holder. This rounded wooden holder features a distressed white finish and a drilled hole in the top for floral stems or dowels. This unique little flower holder is perfect for making a statement or can be tucked behind other decor for a more subtle display. Measures 2.75" high with a 3" diameter.

Gerbera Daisy Stem, Lemon Yellow

Instantly refresh or brighten existing displays with the Gerbera Daisy Stem, Lemon Yellow. This bright, Springtime flower has feather-like fabric petals in bright yellow around a green center. The stem is green plastic-coated wire and this floral measures 18" long. Add to vases, milk cans, or jars, or tuck along the base of sitters and signs. This daisy beautifully matches a wide variety of our lemon-themed products!
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Home Sweet Home Lemon Block

Enjoy the simple serenity of home with the Home Sweet Home Lemon Block. This white wooden block reads "HOME" in large black letters with a watercolor style lemon standing in for the letter "O." The lemon comes in a sunny yellow color with green stem and leaf and reads "Sweet Home" in the center completing the phrase "Home Sweet Home." This block adds fresh, bright notes to kitchen decor or looks great anywhere in the home! Measures 5" high by 9.75" wide with a .75" depth.
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Curvy Black Spindle Flower Holder

Meet your new favorite, versatile accessory – the Curvy Black Spindle Flower Holder. This smooth, vase-shaped spindle sits atop a sturdy, square platform. It has a distressed black paint finish and an approximate 3/8" hole in the top to accommodate stems, sticks and rods. This holder is great for flowers and picks, and is sure to inspire a variety of other uses as well. Measures 4.5" high by 2" square.
  • Wood 
  • 4.25" H x 2" Sq.
  • Approx. .375" opening