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Yellow & White Bead Garland w/Flower Tag

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Drape a little sunshine and flourish over farmhouse displays with the Yellow & White Bead Garland with Flower Tag. Measuring 49" long, this garland of alternating small white and larger yellow wooden beads has the length to accent a variety of displays and decor. It has a lovely wooden flower cut-out on one end measuring 3" high by 2.75" wide. The other end is finished with a white suede tassel. This garland makes a beautiful accent to Springtime displays or tuck the flower away and use throughout the year. It will look great with many popular farmhouse themes such as lemons, honey bees, or sunflowers!
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  • Wood, faux suede
  • 49" L
  • Jute binding
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Blue & White Bead Garland

Drape a little beauty and color around farmhouse decor with the Blue & White Bead Garland. This pretty 44.5" long garland features white wooden beads with a .25" diameter alternating with deep blue beads with a .75" diameter. The garland is finished with a white suede-styled tassel at each end. These beads look lovely paired with a variety of decor types and work particularly well with patriotic, Spring, and Winter displays.

Champagne Tulip Stem, 15.5"

Bring brightness and beauty to the farmhouse this Spring with the Champagne Tulip Stem, 15.5". This 15.5" high floral has a closed fabric tulip bloom in champagne with pink edges and green at the base. The bloom has internal foam for structure and the green stem is plastic with a wire core. It has one long fabric leaf in bright green. Pair this stem with Spring decor or add to a bouquet with our other tulip stems.

Champagne Tulip Stem, 17.5"

Add a Springtime favorite to farmhouse decor with the Champagne Tulip Stem, 17.5". This tulip has fabric, champagne colored petals with yellow and bright pink accents. Inside, the bloom has a foam base for structure and black plastic stamens. The stem is green plastic with a wire core and has two moveable fabric leaves.

Icker Flower & Leaves Spray, White

Add soft, natural accents to Springtime or year-round decor with the Icker Flower & Leaves Spray, White. This pretty floral has dark green foam leaves on light green wrapped stems and blooms made of clusters of tiny white foam beads. It measures 20" high and looks great next to box signs or candles, or pair with our Red and Blue versions for patriotic displays.

White Cross Bead Garland

The White Cross Bead Garland is a lovely way to add notes of faith to any setting. This 23.5" long garland features round wooden beads in white bound with a jute cord. There is a 2" wide white cross at one end and a jute tassel at the other. This garland looks beautiful accenting books, metal containers, tiered trays and more.

Light Blue & White Bead Garland

This Light Blue & White Bead Garland adds light and freshness to any decor it is paired with. The light blue and white colors of this garland can be used for any time of the year, whether Winter, Easter or Summer. The garland has suede tassels at each end and measures at 44" in length. Wrap this garland around a candle, draped on a tray accompanied with florals, sitters and so much more for a lovely farmhouse feel.

USA Tag & Stars Garland

String up a little patriotic cheer with the USA Tag & Stars Garland. This garland measures 25" long and is made of thin wooden tags and stars strung on a jute cord. The tags are white and measure 3" high by 2" wide. Each sports one letter of the phrase ‘USA.’ Stars in red and deep blue alternate between the white lettered tags. This garland looks great added to greenery, hanging in doorways or windows, and more!

Wooden Beaded Starfish Ornament

String up a little Summer joy with the Wooden Beaded Starfish Ornament. This wooden beachy ornament features a cutout starfish in teal blue with white dotted accents. It has a jute hanger adorned with white and natural colored wood beads with .75" and .25" diameters. The starfish measures 2.75" high by 2.75" wide and the ornament has an overall length of 12". Hang this ornament on rustic hooks or tuck into a tote bag or rolled beach towel to bring a little vacation vibe to Summer displays.
  • Wood, faux suede
  • 49" L
  • Jute binding